Best Free VPNs 2023: 10 Tips for Netflix, Android, and iOS

Best Free VPNs 2023: 10 Tips for Netflix, Android, and iOS

In most cases, free VPNs serve as an advertisement for paid versions. They have several limitations: Low speed, limited traffic, few servers, and the inability to choose which country you connect through.

We have selected the ten best services for our free VPN rankings. Some of them have unlimited traffic, support Netflix, and the transfer speeds are faster than some paid VPNs. You can use them on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and other devices.

Top 10: Best Free VPNs 2023

NameDownload speedTrafficNetflixRatingPrice
1️⃣  Bitdefender VPN Free83 MB/s6 GB per month★★★★Free
2️⃣  Windscribe Free25 MB/s10 GB per month★★★☆Free
3️⃣  Planet VPN Free68 MB/sUnlimited★★★☆Free
4️⃣  Atlas VPN Free168 MB/s5 GB per month★★★☆Free
5️⃣  TunnelBear VPN Free179 MB/s0.5 GB per month★★★☆Free
6️⃣  McAfee Safe Connect VPN Free79 MB/s0.3 GB per month★★★☆Free
7️⃣  Avira Phantom VPN Free36 MB/s1 GB per month★★★Free
8️⃣  HotspotShield Free85 MB/s15 GB per month★★★Free
9️⃣  Proton VPN Free7 MB/sUnlimited★★★Free
🔟  AdGuard VPN Free22 MB/s3 GB per month★★★Free
  1. Bitdefender VPN Free: Large selection of servers and good connection speed

    • Traffic is limited to 6 GB per month.
    • No option to choose a country.
    • Cannot unblock foreign Netflix.
    • A high number of available servers.
    • A solid connection speed.
    • It can be used to watch YouTube videos.

    Bitdefender VPN FreeBitdefender VPN Free supports Android, iOS, Mac and Windows platforms.

    The connection speed is fast enough to watch full HD videos, but compared to other free VPNs, it is average. For example, we measured 83 MB/s for the download and 89 MB/s for the upload; the latency was 12 ms on average.

    Bitdefender VPN Free offers a solid 1,300 servers, but only 1 country to connect to. The operator is in Romania, and data transfer is limited to 6 GB per month (a maximum of 200 MB per day).

    As is the unwritten rule with free ones, Bitdefender VPN Free cannot unblock foreign Netflix. However, it can handle unlocking YouTube.

    ⬆️ Why it is worth upgrading to Bitdefender VPN Premium

    The paid option of Bitdefender VPN Premium offers unlimited data transfer and can unblock foreign Netflix. Compared to a free VPN, the advantage is the faster connection speed.

    With the paid option, you can choose from 51 countries, greatly increasing the possibility of using a VPN. A significant benefit is the possibility of unlimited data transfer.

    For $4.17 per month, you can use the VPN on 10 devices.

    Bitdefender VPN FreeBitdefender VPN Premium
    ⭐ Rating8.2 ★★★★7.4 ★★★☆
    💵 PriceFree$4.17 ​40% off
    🖥️ Number of servers1,3001,300
    🌎 Number of countries151
    📥 Download (upload) speed83 MB/s (89 MB/s)132 MB/s (98 MB/s)
    🎞️ Netflix
  2. Windscribe Free: Unblocks Netlix but has a low traffic limit

    • Significantly below-average connection speed.
    • A low number of available servers.
    • Traffic 10 GB per month.
    • It can unblock foreign Netflix.
    • It can be used on YouTube videos.

    Windscribe FreeWindscribe Free will run on Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, NAS, Windows, and routers.

    Data transfer speed is a weakness of Windscribe Free. The average measured download was only 25 MB/s, and the upload went up to 26 MB/s. The latency reached 21 ms in our tests.

    Windscribe Free offers 25 servers only, and the 11 countries available are also below average. In addition, the volume of data transferred is limited to 10 GB per month. The company is in Canada.

    It is the only free VPN to handle streaming video from both Netflix and YouTube.

    ⬆️ Why it is worth upgrading to Windscribe Pro

    The main advantage of the paid version of Windscribe Pro is the higher connection speed, which is sufficient for watching movies on Netflix. Also, it does not limit users by the amount of data transferred; the number of servers and countries available is also noticeably wider.

    For a monthly subscription fee of $4.08, you can use the VPN on 999 devices.

    Windscribe FreeWindscribe Pro
    ⭐ Rating7.8 ★★★☆7.6 ★★★☆
    💵 PriceFree$4.08 ​55% off
    🖥️ Number of servers25480
    🌎 Number of countries1164
    📥 Download (upload) speed25 MB/s (26 MB/s)85 MB/s (84 MB/s)
    🎞️ Netflix
  3. Planet VPN Free: Unlimited traffic and plenty of servers

    • A low number of available countries.
    • Unable to unblock Netflix.
    • The average number of servers.
    • Unlimited traffic.
    • Handles streaming YouTube videos.

    Planet VPN FreeYou can use Planet VPN Free on Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, and routers.

    Planet VPN Free ranks among the average free private networks available in connection speed. We measured download speed at 68 MB/s, upload at 63 MB/s, and latency was 21 ms.

    With 1,260 servers on offer, Planet VPN Free ranks in the better half. The number of countries is considerably worse; 5 is below average, even among free VPNs. Users have Unlimited traffic, and the operator is in Romania.

    You can use the VPN to stream YouTube videos, but it cannot handle unblocking Netflix.

    ⬆️ Why it is worth upgrading to Planet VPN Premium

    With Planet VPN Premium the user can choose from 57 countries where the server is available. The big advantage is the ability to watch any foreign Netflix when you start the VPN.

    The price of the paid variant is $2.12, and you can use the VPN on 10 different devices.

    Planet VPN FreePlanet VPN Premium
    ⭐ Rating7.6 ★★★☆7.4 ★★★☆
    💵 PriceFree$2.12 ​73% off
    🖥️ Number of servers1,2601,260
    🌎 Number of countries557
    📥 Download (upload) speed68 MB/s (63 MB/s)15 MB/s (8 MB/s)
    🎞️ Netflix
  4. Atlas VPN Free: High speed and unlimited traffic

    • A low number of countries.
    • A low number of servers.
    • You cannot use it for Netflix streaming.
    • It is significantly faster than average connection speed.
    • Unlimited data transfer volume.
    • Works when playing YouTube videos.

    Atlas VPN FreeAtlas VPN Free is free on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices.

    High transfer speeds are one of the strengths of Atlas VPN Free. We measured the download average of 168 MB/s, the upload value was 137 MB/s and the latency was 31 ms. This free VPN stands up to speed compared with paid services.

    The opposite is the number of available servers (3) and countries (2) to connect through. Both values rank among the lowest among all free VPNs. Although the Atlas VPN Free offers 5 GB per month traffic, its operator is in the USA.

    Atlas VPN Free can handle video streaming from YouTube but cannot unblock foreign Netflix.

    ⬆️ Why it is worth upgrading to Atlas VPN Pro

    The paid option of Atlas VPN Pro solves the low number of servers and available countries and has access to 1,000 servers in 42 countries worldwide.

    The advantage is the support of Netflix, where you can watch movies and shows not normally available in our country.

    The price of a monthly subscription is $1.46 per 999 devices.

    Atlas VPN FreeAtlas VPN Pro
    ⭐ Rating7.0 ★★★☆8.4 ★★★★
    💵 PriceFree$1.46 ​85% off
    🖥️ Number of servers31,000
    🌎 Number of countries242
    📥 Download (upload) speed168 MB/s (137 MB/s)181 MB/s (129 MB/s)
    🎞️ Netflix
  5. TunnelBear VPN Free: Above-average speed but poor server offering

    • Low number of servers.
    • Traffic only 0.5 GB per month.
    • It cannot unblock Netflix.
    • Significantly faster than average download speed.
    • Decent selection of available countries.
    • You can use it for YouTube videos.

    TunnelBear VPN FreeTunnelBear VPN Free is available on Android, iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows devices.

    TunnelBear VPN Free offers excellent connection speeds; in our test, we measured a download of 179 MB/s and an upload of 93 MB/s. The latency reached an average of 11 ms.

    The number of servers in the free version is limited to 26, and their distribution compensates for the relatively low number of 26 countries. In addition, the TunnelBear VPN Free offers a data cap of 0.5 GB per month. The operator is in Canada.

    With an activated VPN, you can unblock YouTube videos not normally available in this country. However, TunnelBear VPN Free will not handle Netflix.

    ⬆️ Why it is worth upgrading to TunnelBear VPN Unlimited

    The argument for purchasing the paid version of TunnelBear VPN Unlimited is the wide selection of 2,600 servers available in 49 countries. In addition, paying customers can transfer data without limitations.

    The most affordable monthly subscription costs $3.33, you can use the VPN on 5 devices simultaneously.

    TunnelBear VPN FreeTunnelBear VPN Unlimited
    ⭐ Rating7.6 ★★★☆7.0 ★★★☆
    💵 PriceFree$3.33 ​67% off
    🖥️ Number of servers262,600
    🌎 Number of countries2649
    📥 Download (upload) speed179 MB/s (93 MB/s)39 MB/s (13 MB/s)
    🎞️ Netflix
  6. McAfee Safe Connect VPN Free: Wide range of countries with a VPN server

    • Traffic only 0.3 GB per month.
    • It does not block foreign Netflix.
    • A high number of servers.
    • A good range of available countries.
    • Supports streaming videos from YouTube.

    McAfee Safe Connect VPN FreeYou can use McAfee Safe Connect VPN Free on Android, Chromebook, iOS, and Windows devices.

    Connection speeds are good enough with McAfee Safe Connect VPN Free, but it is average compared to other free VPNs. From repeated measurements, we got an average download speed of 79 MB/s and an upload speed of 111 MB/s. The latency was 11 ms.

    The free version of McAfee Safe Connect VPN Free gives the user a choice of 2,000 servers in 50 countries worldwide. In the context of other free VPNs, these are perfect figures. The McAfee Safe Connect VPN gives a low traffic limit, which is usually insufficient for regular use. The VPN provider is in the USA.

    Support for YouTube videos is standard even with free VPNs, but it cannot handle Netflix.

    ⬆️ Why it is worth upgrading to McAfee Safe Connect VPN

    Judging by our tests, McAfee Safe Connect VPN offers a higher connection speed. The big advantage is the unlimited data transfer volume that will come in handy, mainly for watching foreign Netflix.

    Currently, the most affordable subscription option sells for $1.67 per month. In addition, you can use the VPN simultaneously on 5 devices.

    McAfee Safe Connect VPN FreeMcAfee Safe Connect VPN
    ⭐ Rating7.0 ★★★☆7.4 ★★★☆
    💵 PriceFree$1.67 ​79% off
    🖥️ Number of servers2,0002,000
    🌎 Number of countries5050
    📥 Download (upload) speed79 MB/s (111 MB/s)127 MB/s (76 MB/s)
    🎞️ Netflix
  7. Avira Phantom VPN Free: 36 countries, but at the cost of low speed

    • Traffic only 1 GB per month.
    • A low download speed.
    • You cannot use it to unblock Netflix.
    • An average number of servers.
    • A wide selection of available countries.
    • You can use it for YouTube videos.

    Avira Phantom VPN FreeYou can use Avira Phantom VPN Free on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices.

    Data transfer speed is one of the weakest points of Avira Phantom VPN Free. Despite repeated measurements, we only achieved 36 MB/s for download, 34 MB/s for upload, and the latency was 13 ms.

    However, Avira Phantom VPN Free performed above average in the next contest. The number of 1,400 servers available is a respectable number among free VPNs, and the same goes for 36 countries. However, the amount of data traffic is limited to 1 GB per month. This VPN operator is in Germany.

    During testing, we could unblock YouTube videos that are not available here, but we were unable to watch foreign Netflix with Avira Phantom VPN Free.

    ⬆️ Why it is worth upgrading to Avira Phantom VPN

    The plus side of the paid version of Avira Phantom VPN is a higher connection speed (download and upload) and unlimited data transfer. Worth mentioning is the support for Netflix, which can be connected to from another country and watch movies and series unavailable here.

    The most affordable subscription costs $3.87 per month, and you can use the VPN on 999 devices simultaneously.

    Avira Phantom VPN FreeAvira Phantom VPN
    ⭐ Rating6.8 ★★★7.0 ★★★☆
    💵 PriceFree$3.87 ​33% off
    🖥️ Number of servers1,4001,400
    🌎 Number of countries3636
    📥 Download (upload) speed36 MB/s (34 MB/s)89 MB/s (89 MB/s)
    🎞️ Netflix
  8. HotspotShield Free: Only 1 server in 1 country

    • Insufficient number of servers.
    • You cannot choose a country.
    • It cannot unblock foreign Netflix.
    • Decent traffic 15 GB per month.
    • Unblocks YouTube videos.

    HotspotShield FreeYou can use HotspotShield Free on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices.

    Compared to free VPNs, HotspotShield Free offers an average download of 85 MB/s and a significantly low upload of 10 MB/s. VPN latency is 140 ms.

    With HotspotShield Free, you can only connect through 1 server in a 1 country. None of the other VPNs compared are worse. The good news is at least the generous data cap of 15 GB per month. In addition, the VPN provider is in the US.

    Of the streaming platforms, the VPN supports YouTube, for example, but it cannot unblock the popular Netflix.

    ⬆️ Why it is worth upgrading to HotspotShield Premium

    The paid version of HotspotShield Premium offers significantly higher data transfer speeds, especially in the upload. The same is true for the number of servers, which is 3,200 in 85 countries.

    If the volume of data transferred is not enough for 15 GB per month, you can download and upload data without limitations with the paid variant. You can use this when watching foreign Netflix, which HotspotShield Premium supports.

    The best subscription is for $7.73 per month, you can connect on 5 devices.

    HotspotShield FreeHotspotShield Premium
    ⭐ Rating6.8 ★★★7.8 ★★★☆
    💵 PriceFree$7.73 ​36% off
    🖥️ Number of servers13,200
    🌎 Number of countries185
    📥 Download (upload) speed85 MB/s (10 MB/s)175 MB/s (84 MB/s)
    🎞️ Netflix
  9. Proton VPN Free: Supports Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and PlayStation

    • A low number of servers.
    • A small selection of available countries.
    • You cannot unblock foreign Netflix.
    • Without limits on the amount of data transferred.
    • Many supported platforms.
    • High download speeds.
    • Supports videos streamed from YouTube.

    Proton VPN FreeProton VPN Free supports various platforms, including Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, PlayStation, and Windows.

    For its transfer speed, Proton VPN Free deserves high praise. The average download of 7 MB/s and an upload of 6 MB/s would stand up among paid VPNs. For server latency, we measured 43 ms.

    With 189 servers in 3 countries worldwide, Proton VPN Free ranks among the worst free VPNs. However, the trade-off may be the ability to pump Unlimited traffic. The company behind Proton VPN Free is in Switzerland.

    The VPN supports streaming from YouTube and cannot access foreign Netflix.

    ⬆️ Why it is worth upgrading to Proton VPN Plus

    Proton VPN Plus is one of the fastest VPNs we have come across. Repeated measurements yielded an average download speed of 334 MB/s. Paying customers can choose from 3,000 servers in 54 countries worldwide. They can also watch foreign versions of Netflix.

    The promotional subscription price is $6.63 per month per 10 devices.

    Proton VPN FreeProton VPN Plus
    ⭐ Rating6.2 ★★★8.6 ★★★★
    💵 PriceFree$6.63 ​34% off
    🖥️ Number of servers1893,000
    🌎 Number of countries354
    📥 Download (upload) speed7 MB/s (6 MB/s)334 MB/s (92 MB/s)
    🎞️ Netflix
  10. AdGuard VPN Free: Slow, with a low number of servers and countries

    • The lowest speed of any free VPN.
    • A low number of servers.
    • A poor selection of available countries.
    • Traffic only 3 GB per month.
    • It does not support Netflix streaming.
    • You can use it to remove the geo lock on YouTube.

    AdGuard VPN FreeAdGuard VPN Free is free to use on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows platforms.

    The weakest point of AdGuard VPN Free is the low connection speed, which can cause problems when watching high-definition videos. On average, we measured the download speed at 22 MB/s, upload at 21 MB/s, and average latency at 19 ms.

    AdGuard VPN Free reached the average values in the number of servers. It offers 50 in 11 countries worldwide. The free variant makes the volume of data transferred 3 GB per month. The VPN provider is in Cyprus.

    The advantage of AdGuard VPN Free is the ability to unblock the geo lock on YouTube, but the VPN does not support the Netflix streaming platform.

    ⬆️ Why it is worth upgrading to AdGuard VPN

    The paid version AdGuard VPN significantly increases the data transfer rate, which should eliminate any problems when watching videos. The 59 countries with a server are improved.

    A strong argument for subscribing is the ability to transfer data without restrictions. In addition, you can use the increase in volume to unblock foreign versions of Netflix.

    For a fee of $2.40 per month, you can use the VPN simultaneously on 10 devices.

    AdGuard VPN FreeAdGuard VPN
    ⭐ Rating6.6 ★★★8.8 ★★★★
    💵 PriceFree$2.40 ​80% off
    🖥️ Number of servers501,000
    🌎 Number of countries1159
    📥 Download (upload) speed22 MB/s (21 MB/s)91 MB/s (94 MB/s)
    🎞️ Netflix

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