Disney Plus: Subscription Prices in 61 Countries [2024]

Disney Plus: Subscription Prices in 61 Countries [2024]

The subscription price of Disney Plus varies from country to country, the reason being the different purchasing power around the world. While $14.20 per month is a manageable amount in Switzerland, in Turkey, for example, it’s beyond the means of locals. Different subscription prices are also set differently around the world by YouTube or Netflix.

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    1. Disney Plus Subscription Price 2024
    2. How much does a Disney Plus subscription cost in different countries
    3. Disney Plus Subscription vs. Disney Plus Basic
    4. What a Disney Plus subscription includes
    5. How to watch Disney Plus from abroad
    6. How to save on your Disney Plus subscription

    Disney Plus Subscription Price 2024

    The global average price of a Disney+ subscription is $8.89 for a monthly payment and $7.20 per month for a full year in advance.

    A Disney Plus subscription in the US in 2024 costs $13.99 per month. Paying for a full year in advance costs $11.67 per month. The subscription price is thus higher than the global average.

    📈 Disney Plus Subscription Prices in Selected Countries

    The annual payment must be paid in full in advance, and the subscription then lasts for the following 12 months. Slight differences in amounts are due to fluctuating currency exchange rates and different rounding.

    Country Monthly Annual payment Annual payment (monthly)
    🇨🇦 Canada $8.72 $87 $7.26
    🇳🇿 New Zealand $8.84 $88 $7.36
    🇦🇺 Australia $8.98 $90 $7.49
    🇮🇪 Ireland $9.58 $96 $7.98
    🇬🇧 United Kingdom $9.95 $100 $8.29
    🇺🇸 USA $13.99 $140 $11.67
  2. How much does a Disney Plus subscription cost in different countries

    The price of a Disney+ subscription is directly affected by the purchasing power of the population. It is lower in poorer countries such as Turkey or Romania, while richer countries such as the USA, Switzerland or Denmark pay more.

    All amounts are converted into one currency for better comparison. If you come across an out-of-date price, please alert us by filling out a simple form.

    The cheapest Disney Plus is in Turkey ($1.66 per month when paying a year in advance), Romania ($5.35) and, somewhat surprisingly, Japan ($5.34).

    The most expensive Disney Plus can be subscribed to in Switzerland ($11.84), Liechtenstein ($11.84) and the USA ($11.67).

    🗺️ Disney Plus Subscription Prices Vary Around the World

  3. Disney Plus Subscription vs. Disney Plus Basic

    Disney Plus offers two subscription options in all countries: Recurring monthly payment, or a 1-year subscription with full payment upfront. The second option is more convenient, the price per year usually corresponds to 10 months of continuous payment. In terms of content and features, the two options are no different.

    In some countries, Disney Plus also offers a Basic plan. Its advantage is the lower price, the disadvantage is the insertion of ads that cannot be skipped. The number and length of ads varies, and as a rough guide, there is 1 minute of ads for every 30 minutes of programme. Their placement can be read from the playback progress bar.

    Is Disney Plus Basic worth it? In my opinion, the Disney Plus Basic plan is not worth it. The price difference is not that significant and the ads are generally annoying.

  4. What a Disney Plus subscription includes

    How Many Profiles Can You Have Under One Account?

    With one Disney+ subscription, you can play video on up to 4 devices at the same time. This means you can create a maximum of 4 different profiles.

    Does Disney Plus Offer a Free Trial Period?

    No, Disney+ does not offer a free trial period.

    You can take advantage of fairly frequent subscription discounts where, for example, you can get a 12-month subscription for the price of 9 months. A pay-as-you-go Disney Plus subscription can be cancelled at any time.

    How Do I Cancel My Disney Plus Subscription?

    You can cancel your Disney Plus subscription simply via the web, just log in. The subscription will be terminated at the end of the period. For annual subscriptions, a refund can be requested within 15 days of payment, at which point the money will be fully refunded to your account.

  5. How to watch Disney Plus from abroad

    To watch Disney Plus from abroad, you must use VPN to connect to your home country. A VPN can change your virtual location. The Disney Plus platform will think you’re in Los Angeles, for example, when you’ll actually be in Paris.

    A VPN has yet another advantage. It allows you to access content that is unavailable in your country. Again, just connect to a US server, for example, and you’ll unlock movies and TV shows that aren’t available here.

    Disney Plus tries to prevent users with an active VPN from accessing it by blocking the IP addresses of these services. VPNs combat this by rotating the IP addresses they use. It’s a bit of a cat and mouse game.

    The best results in our test with Disney Plus were achieved with NordVPN. Video playback from Disney Plus’s US library was smooth even at ultra-high 4k resolution, as NordVPN has a very fast speed. It was also able to unblock all other streaming platforms and on top of that it guarantees a high level of security.

  6. How to save on your Disney Plus subscription

    1️⃣ Share Your Disney Plus Account With Friends

    Disney Plus can be used by up to four users at the same time, and depending on the terms, they must be from the same household. If the terms are violated, the account may be temporarily blocked or cancelled entirely. Whether or not users come from the same household is entirely at the discretion of Disney Plus.

    Disney Plus began actively combating password sharing on November 1, 2023, first in Canada and then in other markets.

    2️⃣ Pay Disney Plus for a Full Year

    If you know you’ll be watching Disney Plus for the long term, pay for a full year’s subscription up front. You’ll have to spend a higher amount in one lump sum, but you’ll get about two months free compared to a pay-as-you-go subscription.

    3️⃣ Cancel Your Disney Plus Subscription

    Cancel your subscription if you don’t regularly watch movies and TV shows on the Disney+ platform. Logically, as the number of subscription services increases, the amount of time you can devote to each decreases. If no one in your household has turned on Disney Plus once in the last three months, you’re paying for it for nothing.

    You can cancel your Disney Plus subscription in your user account.

    4️⃣ Switch Between Subscriptions to Different Services

    Want to watch movies and TV shows from multiple platforms but don’t want to pay for each one at the same time? There’s a solution.

    Rotate your subscriptions between different platforms throughout the year. Watch interesting movies and series in retrospect and then cancel your subscription. The downside is that you’re likely to see new series late compared to your friends. On the other hand, instead of paying for a whole year, you only need two months.

    5️⃣ Take Advantage of Discount Promotions

    Disney Plus offers a discount promotion from time to time, where they offer discounted subscriptions. You can never tell for sure ahead of time when the discount will be available. A common period with discount promotions is Black Friday during November.

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