Netflix prices in 245 countries (2024 EDITION)

Netflix prices in 245 countries (2024 EDITION)

Like other internet services, Netflix has different subscription prices in different parts of the world. Unlike YouTube Premium, you cannot effectively save on subscriptions by using a VPN, but it is still interesting to look at the comparison.

Netflix subscription prices in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia in 2024

Netflix subscription prices are above average in most English-speaking countries due to their higher purchasing power compared to the rest of the world.

Country Basic with ads Basic Standard Premium
Australia $4.49 $7.06 $10.91 $14.76
Canada $4.35 $7.26 $11.99 $15.26
Ireland $9.58 $15.98 $22.38
New Zealand $7.66 $10.90 $14.73
United Kingdom $6.21 $8.71 $13.69 $19.91
USA $6.99 $9.99 $15.49 $19.99
Global average $6.43 $10.09 $13.03

How much Netflix costs in 245 countries

Netflix bases its price on the purchasing power of the population. For example, in Switzerland, people are willing to pay more than $10.92 for the Standard plan, but in India, the same price tag would hang too high for most of the population.

The cheapest Netflix is in Pakistan ($2.86), Turkey ($1.96), Argentina ($0.80), Colombia ($6.90) and India ($5.98).

The most expensive Netflix is in Switzerland ($20.81), Liechtenstein ($20.81), Israel ($14.50), USA ($15.49) and Denmark ($16.29).

These prices are for the Standard tariff. The price difference between the Basic and Standard tariffs is, on average, 37%, but the differences between countries are significant. This is partly due to the chosen pricing strategy and rounding in local currency. As a result, the difference between Standard and Premium is, on average, 26 %.

🗺️ Netflix price map

The country color indicates the price of the Standard plan compared to other countries. Green indicates a cheaper subscription, and red is more expensive. Click on a country to see the current subscription price.

📈 Netflix Basic, Standard, and Premium Price Comparison

Prices are converted from local currency to US dollars at the current exchange rate.

Netflix Basic, Standard, and Premium plans

In almost every country, Netflix offers three plans you can cancel at any time. In some developing countries, Netflix also provides a mobile-only plan. The tariffs differ in price, maximum resolution, and the number of devices where you can watch the videos simultaneously.

Netflix’s pricing policy favours the most expensive plan, where up to four people can watch videos and split the subscription fee between them. Everyone will benefit from this, and in addition to the lower price, you can play a 4K video.

Basic Standard Premium Mobile
Simultaneous Tracking Tags 1 2 4 1
Number of devices where content can be downloaded 1 2 4 1
Movies, TV shows and mobile games without restrictions ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Watching on phone or tablet ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Watching on laptop and TV ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
HDDefinition ✔️ ✔️
Ultra HD resolution ✔️

How to save money on Netflix

1️⃣ Share your Netflix account with friends

Two to four people can watch the videos on the Standard and Premium plans. But you can create more user accounts since not everyone will be watching the videos at the same time.

Under Netflix’s rules, only household members who live at the same address can share a subscription with each other. Effective June 2023, Netflix began strictly enforcing this rule. Any account shared outside the household is now subject to a regular monthly fee, which varies by country. In the U.S., the fee is $7.99 per person per month, in Canada $5.81, in the U.K. $6.21 and in Australia $5.13

The golden plan is the Premium, in which six people can share the subscription fee. With Premium, up to four people can play the video simultaneously, which gives a sufficient margin in the six-person number for when most of them want to watch Netflix.

2️⃣ Cancel your Netflix subscription

With the already high (and growing) number of paid services, the number of those with no time left is increasing. In this case, it is pointless to pay for them. So if you have not had time to watch Netflix once in the last three months, cancel your subscription.

Log in to your user account and click on “Cancel Membership”. You will no longer receive charges for the next billing period.

3️⃣ Rotate subscriptions between services and watch content in bursts

If you do not want to give up your favorite content from different services, or the previous tip is too radical for you, you can do it another way. Create a calendar of when your favourite series is coming out on Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+ ,or Amazon Prime.

For example, subscribe to Netflix, and watch the series and any other shows you missed. Then cancel your subscription and pay for HBO Max, catch up on the new movies, and move on.

Netflix, Subscriptions, and FAQs

Why you cannot use the VPN trick with Netflix

Unlike YouTube Premium, you cannot use the “VPN change of residence trick” with Netflix without degrading the user experience.

Probably the biggest problem is content localization. For example, if you connect to Netflix through India, you will have all your content localised for India. However, you cannot play some American movies and TV shows because Netflix does not hold the copyright to them. There can be a similar problem with English dubbing and subtitles availability.

In addition, Netflix regularly monitors the IP addresses from where users connect to their accounts. If it detects any suspicions, it may block the account.

Does Netflix offer a student discount?

Netflix does not offer student discounts. However, Netflix offers Basic, Standard, and Premium plans worldwide, plus the cheapest Mobile plan in some developing countries.

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