Atlas VPN Pro Review 2023 Review: 3 cons and 4 pros

Atlas VPN Pro Review 2023 Review: 3 cons and 4 pros

  1. Atlas VPN Pro: Fast VPN With Lots of Interesting Features

    • Missing whitelist feature
    • Low number of servers (1,000)
    • Does not support router or game console
    • Offers a large number of features
    • VPN is audited by a third party
    • Excellent download (181 Mb/s) and upload (129 Mb/s)
    • Unlimited number of devices included

    The Atlas VPN Pro has been available in the market since 2020, operated by Peakstar Technologies Inc. Its parent company is Nord Security, which is also behind NordVPN and Surfshark.

    With a rating of 8.4/10, Atlas VPN Pro ranks among the best services available. This is largely due to the good price-performance ratio and the large number of interesting features. The VPN is audited by an independent company, which adds to its credibility.

    The overall level of security and speed Atlas VPN Pro is very good. The service also impresses with the unlimited number of devices on which the VPN can be used at once, which many competing providers don’t offer.

    Among the shortcomings of Atlas VPN Pro is the lack of a whitelist function, which is offset to some extent by split tunneling. The number of 1,000 servers are also below average compared to other VPNs, although we must admit that this did not negatively impact the stability and speed of the connection during our tests. If you’re looking for a VPN with a high number of servers, try, for example, Private Internet Access, which has 35,400.

  2. Atlas VPN Pro Subscription: Discount Code, Free Trial, Money Back Guarantee…

    • Your Price: $12.04​85% off  $1.76 /mo (999 devices)
    • Money Back Guarantee: Yes (30 days)
    • Free Trial: No
    • Cryptocurrency payments:
      Bitcoin :Yes
      Dash :Yes
      Ethereum :Yes
      Ripple :Yes

    Atlas VPN Pro can be purchased as a monthly subscription for one year or three years. In terms of features, the two variants Atlas VPN Pro are no different. The longest 3-year subscription is the most cost-effective and includes the bonus of an additional 3 months of free use.

    Subscriptions Atlas VPN Pro can be paid by credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, or cryptocurrency. The 3-year subscription is subject to a money-back guarantee within 30 days of the license purchase, this also applies to cryptocurrency payments. You can take advantage of this entitlement directly in the application. The subscription will automatically renew for another 1 year after the paid period expires.

    Students can take advantage of a special discount of 83% off the subscription price at Atlas VPN Pro. Simply create a student account on the Atlas VPN Pro website.

    There is also Atlas VPN Free, which serves as a trial version of the paid option. Some features and parameters of the free version are intentionally limited. It is possible to recommend the VPN to friends via Atlas VPN Free. If you manage to bring in a new user, you get a free 7-day subscription to Atlas VPN Pro as a gift. The maximum number of recommended users is 10.

  3. Atlas VPN Pro and Supported Devices: Android, iOS, macOS…

    • Device limit: Unlimited

    Platforms supported

    • Android:
      Android is supported by 98 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Android TV:
      Android TV is supported by 37 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Apple TV:
      Apple TV is supported by 18 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Fire TV:
      Fire TV is supported by 44 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Chromebook:
      Chromebook is supported by 21 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Chromecast:
      Chromecast is supported by 16 % of reviewed VPNs
    • iOS:
      iOS is supported by 99 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Kodi:
      Kodi is supported by 22 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Linux:
      Linux is supported by 60 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Mac:
      Mac is supported by 98 % of reviewed VPNs
    • NAS:
      NAS is supported by 25 % of reviewed VPNs
    • nVidia Shield:
      nVidia Shield is supported by 15 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Playstation:
      Playstation is supported by 20 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Raspberry Pi:
      Raspberry Pi is supported by 18 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Roku:
      Roku is supported by 16 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Router:
      Router is supported by 54 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Windows:
      Windows is supported by 100 % of reviewed VPNs
    • xBox:
      xBox is supported by 20 % of reviewed VPNs

    Browser Extensions

    • Brave :
      The Brave browser add-on is offered by 45 % of reviewed VPNs.
    • Chrome :
      The Chrome browser add-on is offered by 45 % of reviewed VPNs.
    • Edge :
      The Edge browser add-on is offered by 19 % of reviewed VPNs.
    • Firefox :
      The Firefox browser add-on is offered by 35 % of reviewed VPNs.
    • Opera :
      The Opera browser add-on is offered by 45 % of reviewed VPNs.
    • Safari :
      The Safari browser add-on is offered by 0 % of reviewed VPNs.
    • Vivaldi :
      The Vivaldi browser add-on is offered by 45 % of reviewed VPNs.

    Atlas VPN Pro can be used on an unlimited number of devices simultaneously under one subscription. Compared to some competing services, this is a clear advantage.

    The Atlas VPN Pro app can be installed on all Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, or Amazon Fire Stick devices. Some smart TVs running Android TV and Fire TV are also supported.

    Supported platforms do not include game consoles, nor does Atlas VPN Pro offer browser extensions. From our point of view, this is a shame.

    Connecting to the VPN directly on the router at Atlas VPN Pro is also not possible.

  4. Atlas VPN Pro App: User-friendliness, whitelist, server selection…

    • App Languages: 🇺🇸 English +9 more🇩🇪 German 🇪🇸 Spanish 🇫🇷 French 🇵🇹 Portuguese 🇨🇳 Chinese 🇷🇺 Russian 🇰🇷 Korean 🇵🇱 Polish 🇯🇵 Japanese
    • Whitelisting:
      Whitelisting is supported by 52 % of reviewed VPNs

    Installing Atlas VPN Pro is easy, and so is using it. A cross-platform download link can be found on the Atlas VPN Pro website, where instructions are provided in case of complications. The instructions are quite informative and provide information on how to use the application properly. In addition, there are explanations at all points of the application to help you find your way around.

    The app is clear, and we were pleased to see that it is available in both dark and light modes, which can change themselves according to the device settings. The Atlas VPN Pro is only available in English.

    In the app itself Atlas VPN Pro, you will find a list of servers divided by geographical location and the purpose of their use (stream and higher level of privacy). There is an Auto-Connect feature that connects you to the VPN automatically when you connect to the internet. A similar Quick-Connect feature connects the user immediately to the selected server.

    The protocol used can be selected in the application settings.

    The whitelist function was not offered at the time of the review. Whitelist allows users to select which applications and websites the VPN will omit from its operation. This is already a core feature of most VPN services today, which puts Atlas VPN at a disadvantage.

  5. Atlas VPN Pro Connection Speed: Upload, Download & Latency

    • Traffic limit: Unlimited

    Download speed

    Upload speed

    Server latency

    During our testing of Atlas VPN Pro we repeatedly achieved surprisingly high speeds.

    We measured average download 181 Mb/s and upload 129 Mb/s values. Compared to some competing VPNs, this is up to twice the speed.

    Thus Atlas VPN Pro has no problem playing 4K videos, for which a minimum speed of 50 MB/s is stated as necessary. The response speed 11 ms is also good.

    The amount of data transferred is unlimited with Atlas VPN Pro, making Atlas VPN Pro generally suitable for streaming, torrenting, and other activities that require high speed and large amounts of data.

  6. Atlas VPN Pro Server Locations

    • Number of servers:
      The average number of servers for the reviewed VPNs is 1670.
    • Number of countries:
      The average number of countries available for the reviewed VPNs is 41.
    Europe 🇦🇱 Albania 🇧🇪 Belgium 🇧🇬 Bulgaria 🇨🇿 Czech Republic 🇩🇰 Denmark 🇪🇪 Estonia 🇫🇮 Finland 🇫🇷 France 🇮🇪 Ireland 🇮🇹 Italy 🇱🇻 Latvia 🇭🇺 Hungary 🇩🇪 Germany 🇳🇱 Netherlands 🇳🇴 Norway 🇵🇱 Poland 🇵🇹 Portugal 🇦🇹 Austria 🇷🇴 Romania 🇸🇰 Slovakia 🇬🇧 United Kingdom 🇷🇸 Serbia 🇪🇸 Spain 🇸🇪 Sweden 🇨🇭 Switzerland 🇹🇷 Turkey
    North America 🇨🇦 Canada 🇲🇽 Mexico 🇺🇸 USA
    South America 🇦🇷 Argentina 🇧🇷 Brazil 🇨🇱 Chile
    Asia 🇭🇰 Hong Kong 🇮🇱 Israel 🇯🇵 Japan 🇸🇬 Singapore 🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates 🇹🇭 Thailand 🇹🇼 Taiwan
    Africa 🇿🇦 South Africa
    Oceania 🇦🇺 Australia 🇳🇿 New Zealand

    Atlas VPN Pro gives users a choice of more than 1,000 servers in 42 countries around the world. Most of them are located in Europe and Asia, while there are no servers in Africa and South America.

    Servers are located in most major and important countries, Atlas VPN Pro also has servers in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia. Among countries notorious for censorship, it covers the United Arab Emirates and Singapore.

    Some servers Atlas VPN Pro are optimized for streaming or have enhanced security for maximum user privacy.

    The number of Atlas VPN Pro servers is rather below average in the context of other VPNs. Currently, 1,000 offers Private Internet Access, for example, has 35,400 servers. However, a lower number does not necessarily mean a worse quality of service; the number of connected users and the current server load is always the determining factor. During testing Atlas VPN Pro, we did not encounter any outages or other negative phenomena.

  7. Atlas VPN Pro Security Features: DNS Leak Protection, Kill Switch…

    • DNS leak protection :
      DNS leak protection is offered by 92% of the reviewed VPNs.
    • Kill Switch:
      Kill Switch is supported by 85% of the reviewed VPNs.
    • Multi-Hop:
      Multi-Hop connection is offered by 20 % of the VPNs reviewed.
    • Tor:
      Tor support is offered by 18 % of the reviewed VPNs.

    Atlas VPN Pro offers kill switch, DNS protection, and malware blocking.

    The kill switch feature protects the user in the event of a VPN connection failure, where there is a risk of site disclosure or data compromise. The solution is to disconnect from the Internet when the VPN connection is lost.

    DNS protection even has its own address library with Atlas VPN Pro. There is a test in the app that users can use to detect possible data loss.

    The Atlas VPN Pro also blocks sites that have seen frequent incidents of malware attacks. This feature again increases security when using Atlas VPN Pro.

    An advantage of Atlas VPN Pro is the availability of multi-hop, where the connection goes through several different servers at the same time.

    Security Atlas VPN Pro provides AES-256 encryption in combination with IPSec/IKEv2, ChaCha20, and WireGuard. All of these protocols are considered secure in the VPN world. In the application Atlas VPN Pro, you can choose the protocol to be used; alternatively, you can leave the choice to the application (auto mode). The application then chooses the fastest and most secure protocol itself.

    From a security perspective, Atlas VPN Pro is a good choice, although, for example, the competing AdGuard VPN offers its own AdGuard protocol.

  8. Atlas VPN Pro & Streaming: Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime…

    • Amazon Prime:
      Amazon Prime streaming is supported by 53 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Disney+:
      Disney+ streaming is supported by 55 % of reviewed VPNs
    • HBO:
      HBO streaming is supported by 58 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Hulu:
      Hulu streaming is supported by 51 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Netflix:
      Netflix streaming is supported by 65 % of reviewed VPNs
    • YouTube:
      YouTube streaming is supported by 96 % of reviewed VPNs

    Atlas VPN Pro offers more than 30 servers specifically optimized for video streaming. They are clearly separated from all the others in the app, so you can find them reliably.

    During testing, Atlas VPN Pro managed to unblock video streams from Netflix, Disney Plus, HBO, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, YouTube, and BBC iPlayer. Thanks to the high connection speed, we didn’t experience any issues with full HD and 4K video playback.

    If you can’t unblock a stream the first time, try connecting through another server. Streaming services often try to block VPN connections by blacklisting the provider’s IP address. Connecting to another server will change the IP address Atlas VPN Pro. There is no data leakage when the VPN connection is exposed.

    Overall, Atlas VPN Pro is suitable for steaming. Its servers are more than fast enough, and it has no limit on the amount of data transferred.

  9. Features of Atlas VPN Pro: AdBlock, Static IP…

    • Blocks Ads:
      Ad blocking is offered by 43 % of the VPNs reviewed.
    • Blocks Malware:
      Malware blocking is offered by 34 % of the VPNs reviewed.
    • Blocks Trackers:
      Trackers blocking is offered by 36 % of the VPNs reviewed.

    With a single subscription Atlas VPN Pro, the user gets quite a wide range of features. First and foremost is the Safe Browse package, which includes blocking ads, malware, and trackers. This guarantees an undisturbed and safe browsing experience. A similar feature is already offered by most VPN providers today.

    A very useful feature is Multi-Hop+, where all activity is hidden behind several VPN servers in different locations and with different layers of encryption. This greatly increases the security and anonymity of the user. Another interesting feature of Atlas VPN Pro is Safe Swap, which allows you to access the Internet from multiple IP addresses at once.

    The Atlas VPN Pro also provides email protection and a Data Breach Monitor to detect data leaks.

    Supported features of Atlas VPN Pro also include split tunneling, with which some Internet traffic can be routed through the VPN and other traffic can be routed outside the VPN.

    An advantage is the ability to set a static IP address, where the user’s IP address will always be the same when connecting to the server. However, the feature hides a certain security risk as the static IP address is shared with other users. Detailed instructions for setting up a static IP address can be found on the Atlas VPN Pro website. While some competing services charge for it, here, it is free.

  10. Atlas VPN Pro‘s CPU usage and App Performance

    When using Atlas VPN Pro, we did not experience any load on any of our devices (TV, desktop, and mobile). The Windows application takes up approximately 60 MB of storage.

    If you want to shave off some of the app’s performance, you can disable the automatic VPN connection feature. The desktop app still runs in the background and consumes power even after you close it with a cross.

  11. Atlas VPN Pro Torrenting Servers

    • Torrenting servers:
      Torrenting support is offered by 88 % of the reviewed VPNs.

    Atlas VPN Pro supports torrenting on all of its servers, some of which are even optimized for P2P. A nice surprise is the fact that users of the free version Atlas VPN Free can also connect to them.

    Thus, users can download and upload torrents with Atlas VPN Pro enabled without having to worry about being detected. P2p-optimized servers can be found in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Germany, Norway, the US, and Brazil, to name a few.

    Combined with the high speed of both download (181 Mb/s) and upload (129 Mb/s), this makes Atlas VPN Pro a very suitable VPN for torrenting.

  12. What is the country of origin of Atlas VPN Pro?

    • VPN Provider: NordVPN s.a.
    • Country of origin: 🇺🇸 USA

    Atlas VPN Pro is operated by Peakstar Technologies Inc. It is a subsidiary of Nordcec Ltd, which is owned by Surfshark B. V.

    The same company’s stable includes Surfshark and NordVPN. Both are among the best VPNs on the market, so similar results are expected from Atlas VPN Pro.

    Peakstar Technologies Inc. is based in USA, which is one of the so-called Five-Eyes countries. These are known for monitoring their citizens and passing the information gathered across the group. However, being based in this country is not a problem for the user Atlas VPN Pro.

  13. Atlas VPN Pro and Privacy: Logging Policy, Security Issues…

    • No-Logs Policy:
      The No-Logs Policy is followed by 78% of reviewed VPNs.

    The level of security and privacy is very high with Atlas VPN Pro.

    In fact, Atlas VPN Pro does not store any logs, and in addition, it transparently publishes data on its site about the number of government or national security requests for information about its users. At the time of testing, Atlas VPN Pro reported that no user information had ever been requested from them, nor had any data have been stolen.

    The only personal data stored includes email addresses and payment information, which is necessary for maintaining the user account. It also includes analytical data necessary for the proper functioning of the service. Compared to other VPNs, although more data is stored, it is immediately anonymized so that it cannot be linked to a specific user.

    Cookies are used on the Atlas VPN Pro website.

    In 2021, a security audit was conducted by VerSprite. The audit identified two mid-level threats and two low-level threats. The company took a very responsible approach to the audit results by publishing them on its website. At the same time, it has taken remedial action and removed all the threats identified.

  14. Atlas VPN Pro Support: Chat, e-mail…

    Technical support at Atlas VPN Pro is available on the website and in the app via the support center, which consists of a database of hints and tutorials. The database is very comprehensive, easy to search, and provides answers to most queries.

    The paid version Atlas VPN Pro also provides 24/7 support via live chat, which can be found directly in the app. You can also take advantage of email support (, and during testing, we received fairly quick responses from technicians.

    In the help center, you can send a message with your request. You can also get information from the blog directly on the website Atlas VPN Pro or from the social networks Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

  15. Atlas VPN Pro FAQ

    Is Atlas VPN Pro free?
    The Atlas VPN Pro is a paid version with a subscription price of $1.76 per month. There is also a free version Atlas VPN Free, but it is limited in many ways and does not offer as many features as the paid version. The free version can be used indefinitely and also serves as a trial version Atlas VPN Pro.
    Is Atlas VPN Pro secure?
    Yes, we consider Atlas VPN Pro a secure service. VPN security is provided by AES-256 encryption combined with IPSec/IKEv2, ChaCha20, and WireGuard. The security level is further enhanced by a number of features such as multi-hop connectivity, kill switch, or DNS protection.
    Is Atlas VPN Pro a good VPN?
    Atlas VPN Pro is currently one of the better VPN providers on the market, scoring an overall 8.4/10 in our tests. For a low price, it delivers a wealth of features and offers unlimited devices connected at once. Plus, it’s fast, making it suitable for streaming, for example. Security, anonymity, and privacy are also at a very good level.

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  • Jay Jay says:

    Peakstar Technologies Inc. is the company that owns Atlas VPN. I bought 2 year premium suscription for $49.19 on 1/21/2023 and after a little over 3 months including the suppossed 1 month free they offer , they shut me down. I contacted over & over again they totally ignored me for 5 days finally they respond making a bizzare claim that they can’t find any proof of purchse, so I sent them the credit card reciept with proof of purchase and again after that they ignore me and I have emailed support (Atlas VPN < 9 times since as it has now been almost 2 weeks since I sent them proof of payment and thet have not responded back or restored my Alas VPN. It s a scam I do not recommend. I already filed a dispute with my credit card company and I am waiting.

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