5 Reasons to Use a VPN

5 Reasons to Use a VPN

In this article, you learn the five main reasons why a VPN is a must-have for everyone.

  1. Privacy Rights

    Everyone has a right to privacy. Unfortunately, privacy is not respected on the internet, especially by advertising agencies and their tracking programs. This is also true of many websites.

    Advertising agencies can also offer ads that do not invade privacy but show personalized ads that work with your sensitive search data. A VPN service makes this tracking difficult across the internet, and some VPN programs even block ads and tracking programs outright.

  2. Free Internet

    The internet originated as the military’s ARPANET network for decentralized communication and information transfer. Later, it expanded into the scientific realm and eventually extended to ordinary people with the idea of free space for sharing information with everyone indiscriminately. However, some sites restrict access to selected countries. Countries like China, Russia, Turkey, and others ban access to selected apps and sites.

    Content restrictions will affect you if you travel and want to access the internet as you would at home. However, a VPN allows you to connect through many countries worldwide, bypassing almost any restriction.

  3. Data usage

    Your private data often gets sold on the internet for advertising purposes; this is also why some services are offered “for free”. However, you pay for using these services with your personal data. VPNs make this difficult because it is impossible to tell which data belongs to your search.

    Some shops even engage in unfair practices, changing the prices of goods based on your location or search data. You will thus receive a different price than others. Using a VPN also solves this problem.

  4. Unsecured Wi-Fi

    VPN protection is an absolute must for the security of your data on public networks. Get a VPN subscription if you frequently use Wi-Fi in cafes, transportation, and other places with public internet access.

    This will protect all the data you transmit over the internet, including your most sensitive passwords, credit card numbers, emails, and messages. With VPN security, hackers cannot steal or misuse your data.

  5. Streaming Services

    If you subscribe to streaming services (such as Netflix, Disney+, HBO, and others), you can watch more shows with a VPN because it will unblock shows currently unavailable in your country.

    You connect the VPN to a server in the country where the content is available. If you primarily want a VPN for Netflix, then be sure to check out our comparison of the best ones. We have compared VPN deals for other streaming services too.

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