Live Streams of the 2024 Premier League for Just $0.78 a Month

Live Streams of the 2024 Premier League for Just $0.78 a Month

The rights to broadcast the Premier League are held by different companies in different countries. And, as with YouTube Premium or Netflix, the price of a subscription varies according to the purchasing power in that country. Thanks to the guide in this article, you can watch English football for just $0.76 per month.

  1. What You Get When You Read an Article to the End

    Premier League matches can be watched live cheapest via Bangladesh, you’ll only pay $0.76 per month. All you need is an activated VPN and a Rabbithole subscription. We’ve prepared a detailed guide for you, no worries. We tested the service for a few weeks before writing the article, the transfers worked without any stuttering.

    ✅ Premier League TV Coverage With Everything You Need

    Rabbithole broadcasts the Premier League legally, it is a full TV broadcast provided by an original British production. You can look forward to replays, half-time studio and official match graphics.

    ✅ Stream in Full HD and Without Choppiness

    The Premier League live stream is broadcast in high definition (1080p), you can manually select a lower quality in case of slower internet connections. Unlike illegal internet streams, the stream runs without stuttering and without annoying ads and pop-up ads.

    In addition, there is no risk that the illegal internet stream will be terminated by the rights holder.

    ✅ The Streams Are in English

    All TV broadcasts are in English so you can enjoy commentary you can understand. You don’t have to worry about unintelligible speech ruining your viewing experience.

    ✅ All Premier League Matches Live

    Rabbithole broadcasts all Premier League matches live. With a subscription you also get the option to watch live coverage of Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A or cricket matches.

  2. Live Streams of the 2024 Premier League for Just $0.78 a Month

    How to Watch the Premier League For $0.76 per Month

    The cheapest way to watch the Premier League is in Bangladesh, where the broadcasting rights are held by Rabbithole. The latter is the country’s official Premier League partner.

    Rabbithole offers pay-as-you-go monthly subscriptions for 99 ৳ ($0.90) and half-yearly subscriptions for a fee of 499 ৳ ($4.53). So in one month you will pay only $0.76. You can also unlock the transfer for 24 hours for a one-time fee 20 ৳ ($0.18).

    The most cost-effective subscription is for half a year, we got that too.

    India’s Hotstar service also broadcasts Premier League broadcasts for a similarly low price. However, India has made it compulsory to use only local credit cards for online transactions from 2022. Revolut, Wise and other companies’ cards don’t work. So if you don’t have an Indian credit card, this option is not available to you.

  3. Step 1: Install a VPN That Has a Server in Bangladesh

    In order to use Rabbithole, you must connect to the service with an active VPN. The VPN will mask your IP address, so your connection will outwardly pretend you’re in Bangladesh.

    We’ve been watching Premier League broadcasts with Surfshark, which we’ve had good experiences with. The Surfshark has servers in Bangladesh, has playback speeds fast enough for even ultra-high resolution 4k, and adds a very high level of security on top.

    You can try Surfshark for free for 7 days and request a refund if necessary within 30 days of paying your subscription.

    Along with your Rabbithole subscription, you’ll have to pay for an extra service, but you can use it elsewhere. The 7 days can unblock US Netflix, give you access to cheaper YouTube Premium and secure your internet connection.

    With an active VPN, the connection is routed through the company’s secure servers, which are located in Bangladesh. This makes Rabbithole think you’re right in Bangladesh, so it will only allow you to play content available in that country. In the course of our testing, we never once had our real location revealed.

    ❓ Is It Possible to Use a Free VPN?

    There are a number of free VPNs on the market, but these are completely unsuitable for watching the Premier League. Free VPNs are not offered by servers in Bangladesh, limiting users to a very low data transfer volume limit, and the slow connection speeds are often insufficient even for a low-resolution stream.

    🇧🇩 Best VPN for Watching the Premier League 2024

    Servers in Bangladesh are still operated by CyberGhost VPN or Private Internet Access. In both cases, these are only virtual servers that are physically located in another country. However, this did not cause any problems during our testing.


    CyberGhost VPN

    Private Internet Access

    Devices included 999 7 999
    Number of countries 97 89 78
    Rating 9.2★★★★☆ 8.8 ★★★★ 8.6 ★★★★
    Price per month $2.12 $2.17 $1.91
    Unblocks Premier League ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
  4. Live Streams of the 2024 Premier League for Just $0.78 a Month

    Step 2: Subscribe to Rabbithole

    First, download the Surfshark app for your operating system and connect to the server in Bangladesh.

    Then create a new user account on Rabbithole. A local phone number will be required for you to register, but you may prefer to log in with your Google account, Apple ID or Facebook.

    While a Bangladeshi VPN connection is not required for the actual registration, we still recommend keeping it active. This is because an active VPN is required for all other steps. Without a Bangladeshi VPN, the site won’t let you purchase a subscription and when you try to play a video, you’ll be told that the content isn’t available in your country.

    Subscriptions can be paid for with local payment methods, which you probably won’t use. We paid our Rabbithole subscription with no problem using Revolut. It has the advantage of friendly exchange rates, the ability to use a one-time payment card and a high level of security. You can get Revolut for free in minutes.

  5. Live Streams of the 2024 Premier League for Just $0.78 a Month

    Step 3: Choose a Football Game

    The last step is easy. Choose any football match from the menu and start it. Remember that you need to have an active VPN connection through the Bangladeshi server while watching. Broadcast times are always listed in local time on Rabbithole.

    The Rabbithole service also offers a mobile app for Android and iOS to play the streams. Again, you don’t have to worry about incomprehensible language, it’s all in English. With one Rabbithole account, you can watch the streams on just one device. As soon as you log in to the account from a second device, the first one is automatically disconnected.

    Rabbithole subscribers also have access to a video library that contains mostly uninteresting local movies and series.

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