Top 10: Best and Fastest VPNs

Top 10: Best and Fastest VPNs

  1. Best Free VPN of 2023

    Usually, Free VPNs are advertisements for paid versions. Free VPNs have limited speeds and low data transfer limits, and you cannot choose the country to connect to the server.

    Among the top ten free VPNs, some services do not limit the amount of data transferred, have high speeds, and support all major operating systems. One of the free VPNs even works on Netflix.

    1️⃣  Bitdefender VPN Free83 MB/s6 GB per month★★★★Free
    2️⃣  Windscribe Free25 MB/s10 GB per month★★★☆Free
    3️⃣  Planet VPN Free68 MB/sUnlimited★★★☆Free
    4️⃣  Atlas VPN Free168 MB/s5 GB per month★★★☆Free
    5️⃣  TunnelBear VPN Free179 MB/s0.5 GB per month★★★☆Free

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  2. Best VPN for Netflix 2023

    Every service in the top 10 best VPNs for Netflix can unblock a 4K US stream. Along with it, we managed to unblock Disney+, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, YouTube and Hulu streams during our tests.

    The best VPNs on the list support both Apple and Android TV and offer the perfect security level of privacy for everyday use.

    NameDownloadNetflixAmazon PrimeRatingPrice per month
    1️⃣ NordVPN183 MB/sYes★★★★☆$3.19​75% off
    2️⃣ Surfshark155 MB/sYes★★★★☆$2.05​81% off
    3️⃣ CyberGhost VPN167 MB/sYes★★★★$2.29​81% off
    4️⃣ Private Internet Access101 MB/sYes★★★★$1.74​81% off
    5️⃣ VeePN77 MB/sYes★★★★$1.67​85% off

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  3. Best VPN for gaming 2023

    Among the top ten best VPNs for gaming, we have selected services that offer great download and upload speeds and low ping, ensuring smooth, lag-free gaming. In addition, full support for PlayStation, Xbox, and router traffic is a given.

    As a bonus, all VPNs offer Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime stream unblocking and a high level of privacy for users.

    NamePlayStationXboxDownloadLatencyRatingPrice per month
    1️⃣ ZenmateYesYes72 MB/s7 ms★★★★$1.59​85% off
    2️⃣ SurfsharkNoNo155 MB/s10 ms★★★★☆$2.05​81% off
    3️⃣ NordVPNYesYes183 MB/s11 ms★★★★☆$3.19​75% off
    4️⃣ PrivateVPNYesYes42 MB/s11 ms★★★☆$2.08​74% off
    5️⃣ Private Internet AccessYesYes101 MB/s11 ms★★★★$1.74​81% off

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  4. Best VPN for torrenting 2023

    The priority when ranking the best VPNs for torrenting was to maximize user anonymity and the fastest download and upload speeds. We chose the best VPNs that offer data encryption, kill switch, DNS spoofing protection, and do not store user logs.

    NameDownloadUploadDNS protectionRatingPrice per month
    1️⃣ CyberGhost VPN167 MB/s89 MB/sYes★★★★$2.29​81% off
    2️⃣ NordVPN183 MB/s103 MB/sYes★★★★☆$3.19​75% off
    3️⃣ Ivacy VPN187 MB/s160 MB/sYes★★★★$1.19​88% off
    4️⃣ Surfshark155 MB/s84 MB/sYes★★★★☆$2.05​81% off
    5️⃣ HotspotShield Premium175 MB/s84 MB/sYes★★★☆$7.73​36% off

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  5. Best VPN for Android 2023

    Almost all VPNs offer support for the Android operating system. However, they differ in connection speed, the number of servers, and mobile apps. We have ranked the best VPNs for Android based on the features offered, the reliability of the app, and the range of servers available.

    You can either try out all the VPNs on the rankings for free or get your paid subscription back within a set time.

    NameEquipmentNumber of serversNetflixRatingPrice per month
    1️⃣  NordVPN65,570★★★★☆$3.19 ​75% off
    2️⃣  Surfshark9993,200★★★★☆$2.05 ​81% off
    3️⃣  CyberGhost VPN79,690★★★★$2.29 ​81% off
    4️⃣  Private Internet Access99935,400★★★★$1.74 ​81% off
    5️⃣  ExpressVPN53,000★★★★$6.66 ​49% off

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