Watch the 2024 Spanish La Liga Season for Just 17c a Month

Watch the 2024 Spanish La Liga Season for Just 17c a Month

The Spanish La Liga is broadcast by various TV stations in different countries around the world. One thing they have in common is that there is a fee for watching football and prices vary from country to country. Similar to YouTube Premium or Netflix, the amount of the fee is influenced by the purchasing power in the country. Thanks to the guide in this article, you can watch live La Liga broadcasts for just $0.76 per month.

  1. La Liga 2024 Live: What You Get For $0.76 per Month

    The magic in La Liga’s cheaper transmissions lies in subscribing to a service in a country where the purchasing power of the population is lower. As with the English Premier League, Bangladesh has proven itself to us; with Rabbithole’s service, football works out at just $0.76 per month. See the instructions below for what you need to do to secure your streams. We tested Rabbithole for a few weeks without the slightest problem, we got the following.

    ✅ The Stream Is in High Resolution

    The football stream is streamed in high definition, there was no image stuttering during our several weeks of testing. Optionally, you can switch to a lower resolution, which you can choose, for example, when your internet speed is low.

    Compared to illegal internet streams, the solution described in the article has several advantages. You do not support copyright infringement, the stream runs without annoying ads and there is no risk of sudden termination of the stream.

    ✅ Live Streaming of La Liga in the Original Spanish Production

    Television broadcasts are produced by the original Spanish production. This is the same quality of transmission that viewers in Spain, England, the USA and other countries can enjoy. Of course, there are replays, graphics and a match studio.

    ✅ Commentary is in English

    All matches include commentary in English. Unlike illegal football streams that come from TV stations around the world, you can enjoy the audio component of the broadcast.

    ✅ The Entire La Liga Round Live

    Rabbithole broadcasts all Spanish La Liga matches live, and you can also watch the English Premier League or Italian Serie A included. The subscription also includes a library of Bangladeshi films and series, but these are unlikely to interest a wider foreign audience.

  2. Watch the 2024 Spanish La Liga Season for Just 17c a Month

    How to Watch Spanish La Liga Live For $0.76?

    In preparation for this article, we checked dozens of La Liga broadcasters from around the world, and tried running the stream for some of them. The cheapest workable solution turned out to be Bangladesh’s Rabbithole service, which holds the official broadcasting rights in the country.

    Rabbithole is a pay-TV service, with subscriptions available in several variants. The shortest is a one-time subscription for 24 hours for $0.18. The second option is a monthly subscription to Rabbithole for a fee of $0.90. The third option is the most advantageous, where we subscribed to Rabbithole for a full 6 months for $4.53.

    So in one month we paid only $0.76.

    La Liga is available in other Asian countries for a similarly low price. However, in India, for example, there is a problem with paying with a foreign credit card. As of 2022, there is a law in the country that will make such payments never successful. Then again, in some other countries, English is not spoken, so the experience with a commentary in the local language is significantly worse.

  3. Step 1: Connect to a VPN With a Server in Bangladesh

    You can only watch La Liga for $0.76 per month with a VPN running and connected to a Bangladeshi server. The VPN will mask your real location and convince Rabbithole that you are physically located in this Asian country.

    This will make it possible to monitor the traffic. Should you (even as a paying customer) try to start a football stream without an active VPN, you will only get an error message instead of a video.

    For us, the Surfshark service, which offers servers in Bangladesh, has proved to be a good option for watching La Liga. The transfer speed of Surfshark was amply sufficient for the high-resolution stream throughout the testing period, and we had no issues with dropouts or stream stuttering. The Surfshark operates 3,200 servers in 97 countries around the world, the advantage of the service is a high level of security.

    You can try Surfshark for free for 7 days. Additionally, you can request a refund during the first 30 days after you purchase your subscription.

    Although you have to pay another subscription to watch La Liga, you can use this in other ways. With it, you can watch Premier League, get a cheap YouTube Premium or secure your internet connection.

    ❓ Can I Use a Free VPN to Watch?

    Although there are a number of free VPNs available on the market, they are completely unsuitable for watching videos. The transfer speed of free VPNs is often only sufficient for low resolution, and longer playback is made impossible by the low data transfer limit. Additionally, we are not aware of a free VPN that has an available Bangladeshi server on offer.

    🇧🇩 Best VPN for Watching La Liga in 2024

    In addition to Surfshark, Rabbithole also works with CyberGhost VPN and Private Internet Access. Both have virtual servers in Bangladesh.


    CyberGhost VPN

    Private Internet Access

    Devices included 999 7 999
    Number of countries 97 89 78
    Rating 9.2★★★★☆ 8.8 ★★★★ 8.6 ★★★★
    Price per month $2.12 $2.17 $1.91
    Unblocks La Liga stream ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
  4. Watch the 2024 Spanish La Liga Season for Just 17c a Month

    Step 2: Subscribe to Rabbithole

    Install the VPN app designed for you operating system, launch it and connect to the server in Bangladesh.

    Then create a user account on the Rabbithole website, don’t be alarmed by the box to enter your Bangladeshi phone number. Don’t fill it in and instead choose a Google account, Apple ID or Facebook.

    We’ve tried Google account and Apple ID, in both cases without any problems. In the next step, click through the “Subscribe now” button to select your subscription, we recommend choosing the most affordable half-year option.

    You can use any credit card to pay for your subscription. We use Revolut for this purpose, which offers better rates than regular banks and a very good level of security. With Revolut, for example, you can use a one-time payment card whose number changes after each use. This contributes to security when using it. Even if the card number falls into the hands of fraudsters, it will no longer be valid if misuse is attempted.

    ⚠️ You Can’t Play a Video Without a VPN

    Although a user account can be created on Rabbithole without an activated VPN, no further steps are possible. For example, when playing a video without a VPN connected, you will only get a message that the content is not available in your country.

  5. Step 3: Start Live Streaming

    Once you have successfully paid your subscription, you can now watch live streams at your convenience. You can save the streams to your favorites for faster access. Just keep in mind that stream times are in local time.

    In addition to watching through a web browser, a mobile app is also available for Android and iOS devices. Like the website, it is completely in English.

    One paid Rabbithole account allows viewing on only one device at a time. Should you log in from a second device, you will be logged out immediately on the first one.

    In addition to the Spanish football league, you can also watch the English Premier League, the French Ligue 1, the Italian Serie A or the rather exotic Bangladeshi cricket league on Rabbithole.

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