YouTube Premium: Subscription Prices by Country

YouTube Premium: Subscription Prices by Country

The biggest advantage of YouTube Premium is playing content without annoying ads. You can watch videos in the background with the phone screen off and conveniently downloaded, so there is no need for an internet connection afterward. The subscription price varies in each country, depending on the purchasing power level there.

How Much Does YouTube Premium Cost in the US, Canada, and the UK in 2024?

Prices in all three countries are higher than the global average:

Country Premium Family (for 6) Premium Student
Australia 16.99 AUD 32.99 AUD 10.49 AUD
Canada 11.99 CAD 17.99 USD
22.99 CAD
6.99 CAD
New Zealand 17.99 NZD 29.99 NZD 10.49 NZD
United Kingdom 11.99 GBP 17.99 USD
19.99 GBP
6.99 GBP
USA 11.99 USD 17.99 USD
22.99 USD
6.99 USD

Argentina and India pay the least worldwide. If six people share a YouTube Premium Family subscription, the subscription costs only 80¢ per person per month. Slightly envious? No need.

We have a guide on how to activate how to activate YouTube Premium for a few cents. We have been using it ourselves for several years without any problems

Price of YouTube Premium by Countries 2024

Across the world, YouTube offers four types of subscriptions, with a personal Premium account available somewhere that is more affordable for a year in advance. In all cases, we list prices on a per-month basis. For example, for the YouTube Premium Family option, we list the price for one person out of six possible.

The Student option requires verification of student status once a year. YouTube Premium Lite, available in a few countries, only removes ads, and videos cannot be downloaded or played in the background.

We found the prices by logging into YouTube from a given country via VPN. The offer almost always includes one or the first two months free.

📢 Has the subscription price changed anywhere? Are we missing any countries in the overview Please fill out the form and help us update the information.

The article about YouTube Premium was originally published in Czech by the same author. This post is a translation of it.

💬 Reviews

  • Aditya Aditya says:

    Thanks for the information. I like how promptly you updated this,

  • Me Me says:

    Great job!

  • sdfsd sdfsd says:

    nigeria and argentina was the cheapest when i checked

  • Mahmoud Mahmoud says:

    What VPN service will make this work?
    Tried Surfshark VPN, they only had “Virtual Locations” for Argentina and India, Youtube finds me in another EU country than the one I am in, or in Great Britain.

    Same seems to apply for NordVPN!

  • Oliver Oliver says:

    you have to enter your address at youtube premium web site.
    Romania is now 26RON about 5 Euro.

  • Petr Novák says:

    Hi Oliver, actually random address from Google Maps works as well! 🙂

  • Petr Novák says:

    I did it using NordVPN.

  • Dave Dave says:

    What if I want to make family member that is already in family a new manager? I want to grant my brother the role of manager instead of myself and then be invited as family member. Google says something about not being able to make changes for 12 months after this.

  • Richard Richard says:

    Revolut is unable to be used. Any other solutions?

  • Petr Novák says:

    That’s weird, I use Revolut to pay and it works for me. 🙂

  • J2 J2 says:

    Thailand appears to be invalid. Not available

  • Navraj Gaire Navraj Gaire says:

    You will need payment method from same country you are trying to purchase youtube premium.
    For eg: if you want to get youtube premium from India using Vpn, you will need to use card from India only as international card doesnot work.
    This is the new update

  • NCT NCT says:

    I think, you should put the price in the local currency of the host country, the viewer will automatically convert the exchange rate according to the current USD.

  • Krkovice Krkovice says:

    Hi, any idea how to get credit card from another country such Turkey from EU? Revolut is not accepted 🤔

  • Marco Norcan Marco Norcan says:

    Hello Team,

    When I compare your country list with youtube premium list :

    Some countries are missing such as Bangladesh, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nepal, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Sri Lanka

    Normal or no information to complete the table ?

  • Marco Norcan Marco Norcan says:

    Some additional details and price

    Sri Lanka 629,00 LKR/month
    Bangladesh 239,00 BDT/month
    Bolivia 7,19$US/month
    Ecuador 7,19$US/month
    Paraguay 7,19$US/month
    Puerto Rico 7,19$US/month
    Nepal Not found

  • Petr Novák says:

    Hello, thank you for the addition. 🙂

    Some countries were missing because we could not get verified information about current subscription prices.

  • tomas tomas says:

    Hello. you can easily get a Turkish card without a document. a phone number, e.g. Russian or Turkish, is enough to verify SMS.
    Turkish credit card app OlduBil. Sms verifi sms-man(.)com

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