Watch the Entire 2024 Formula 1 Season for Just $19

Watch the Entire 2024 Formula 1 Season for Just $19

Live coverage of Formula 1 races is broadcast everywhere around the world on pay-per-view channels. Subscription prices usually vary depending on the purchasing power of the country, the same principle is used by YouTube Premium or Netflix. We’ve discovered a trick that lets you watch Formula 1 and other sports for just $1.58 per month. You’ll get access to all the races, qualifying and even practice sessions for a great price.

  1. You Get All This for Just $1.58 per Month

    The trick to watching the entire 2024 Formula 1 season for just $18.93 is to get a subscription in the Philippines. Buying power in this Asian country is relatively low, so even a subscription to the BeIN Sports service is cheap. You’ll only pay $1.58 per month. Not to worry, we tested BeIN Sports for a few races first before writing this article. So you can rely on the following.

    ✅ TV Coverage Including Practice and Qualifying

    BeIN Sports broadcasts all Grand Prix live, including practice and qualifying. The TV coverage includes replays and detailed statistics, so you get the complete experience with everything.

    ✅ Stream in Full HD and No Stuttering

    All streams are streamed in 1080p high definition. During our testing, we didn’t encounter any stuttering or annoying waits for video to load. If your internet connection is slower or you want to save data, you can manually switch to a lower resolution.

    ✅ A Legal Stream That Won’t Be Turned Off

    Unlike illegal streams, you don’t have to worry about the video being blocked at the behest of the rights holder. You can watch the races through a web browser, via the Android and iOS mobile apps, or on Samsung or LG smart TVs. There are no pop-up ads on the BeIN Sports website to annoy users.

    ✅ English Commentary for All Races

    All race, qualifying and practice broadcasts include English commentary.

    ✅ Additional Sports Coverage as a Bonus

    With a Philippine BeIN Sports subscription, you get access to all other live-streamed competitions, especially football. These include Spain’s La Liga, Italy’s Serie A and France’s Ligue 1.

  2. Watch the Entire 2024 Formula 1 Season for Just $19

    How to Watch Formula 1 Live For $1.58 per Month

    The cheapest legal Formula 1 streaming service is offered by beIN Sports in the Philippines, and can be subscribed for a full year in advance or with ongoing monthly billing.

    Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time and cost 149 ₱ ($2.59). More preferable is an annual subscription at 1090 ₱ ($18.93), where the full amount is paid upfront. In one month’s time, you only pay 90.83 ₱ ($1.58).

    BeIN Sports operates in a number of countries around the world, including Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia, in addition to the Philippines. The cheapest subscription is in the Philippines.

    Apart from Formula 1, it also broadcasts live Formula 2 and Formula 3 races, a number of football leagues from around the world, tennis and even horse racing.

  3. Step 1: Install a VPN With a Server in the Philippines

    To watch BeIN Sports live, you need to have a VPN activated with a Philippine server. The stream is protected by a geo-lock for licensing reasons. If you would like to connect to it without a VPN, playback will not be possible. It’s the VPN that will ensure that BeIN Sports slips the Philippines as your location, even if you’re sitting at home on the couch.

    We’ve been using Surfshark and CyberGhost VPN to watch BeIN Sports, both services run servers in the Philippines. The transfer speed was sufficient for playback in Full HD resolution without annoying stream stuttering.

    There are other benefits to using a VPN. They hide your real IP address from website operators and other snoopers. VPNs also protect your device when using public wi-fi networks, for example in cafes or airports. In addition, VPNs make it possible to watch normally unavailable content such as US Netflix, English Premier League or Spanish La Liga.

    You can get a subscription for Surfshark for as little as $2.12 per month, and you can try it for free for 7 days.

    Without an active VPN, BeIN Sports will only redirect you to the country overview homepage, but won’t let you go any further.

    ❓ Is a Free VPN Good Enough to Watch Formula 1?

    While free VPNs are offered by a number of providers, they’re not suitable for watching Formula 1 for several reasons. We don’t know of any free VPN that runs the necessary server in the Philippines for playback. Moreover, the transfer speeds of free services are often insufficient even for low-resolution playback. The third hitch is the low data transfer limit of most services.

    🇵🇭 Best VPN for Watching Formula 1 in 2024

    Aside from Surfshark and CyberGhost VPN, the server in the Philippines also has other services on offer. Alternatively, you can use AdGuard VPN or ExpressVPN. In both cases, the servers are only virtual, physically located in another country.

    Surfshark CyberGhost VPN ExpressVPN
    Devices included 999 7 5
    Number of countries 97 89 94
    Rating 9.2 ★★★★☆ 8.8 ★★★★ 8.6 ★★★★
    Price per month $2.12 $2.17 $6.66
    Block F1 stream ✅ Yes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
  4. Watch the Entire 2024 Formula 1 Season for Just $19

    Step 2: Subscribe to BeIN Sports Philippines

    Connect to the Philippine server via the VPN app and subscribe to BeIN Sports. If you try to connect without the VPN activated, the BeIN Sports website will not load. It’s an active VPN that will make your device appear as if it’s in the Philippines to the website operators.

    Registration on BeIN Sports is possible via Facebook, Apple ID, through a Google account or using email. Payment is possible via bank transfer, local payment services, iTunes, Google Play or credit card. We recommend choosing a credit card, we used Revolut. It has the advantage of more favourable exchange rates and a high level of security, helped by things like a one-time virtual card. Its number is automatically changed after each transaction, so there is no risk of card misuse even if it is stolen.

    Of the options on offer, we recommend using the most affordable annual subscription, with a one-off charge of 1090 ₱ ($18.93).

  5. Watch the Entire 2024 Formula 1 Season for Just $19

    Step 3: Choose a Live Stream and Enjoy the Race

    Once you’ve paid your subscription, you can choose what you want to watch from a wide range of streams. For Formula 1, live streams of practice and qualifying are available, and you can watch all the videos, including the main race, from the live stream.

    The entire BeIN Sports website is in English. During testing, we tried contacting support with a query via an icon on the site. She communicated with us in English and the response was quick and of good quality.

    The times of live broadcasts in the TV program are given in your local time, so you don’t have to do any complicated recalculations. A useful feature is the ability to create a live broadcast alert that gets written into your calendar.

    Up to 5 different devices can be connected to a single BeIN Sports user account, however video streaming is only possible on one device at a time. BeIN Sports offers apps for Android TV smart TVs for viewing, including Samsung and LG.

    For those interested in subscribing, BeIN Sports gives the opportunity to try the stream for free first. Once every 24 hours, they can run a three-minute preview.

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