Avira Phantom VPN Free Review 2023: 2 Cons and 3 Pros

Avira Phantom VPN Free Review 2023: 2 Cons and 3 Pros

  1. Avira Phantom VPN Free: 2 Disadvantages & 3 Advantages

    • Low traffic allowance
    • Only the nearest location in the desktop application is possible
    • Good speed
    • Unlimited number of devices
    • Can be used without an account

    Avira Phantom VPN Free is a free version of Avira Phantom VPN from the German antivirus company Avira.

    It is used to try out VPNs and as a way to protect yourself on unsecured Wi-Fi occasionally. You can also use the VPN without an account, where you get 500 MB per month. With an account, you get double that. The data transfer limit applies to each device separately. Can be used on any number of devices.

  2. Avira Phantom VPN Free Subscription: Discount Code, Free Trial, Money Back Guarantee…

    • Your Price:  Free (999 devices)

    There is no charge for using Avira Phantom VPN Free. Avira also offers a paid version that offers multiple locations, a kill switch, streaming support and, most importantly, unlimited data transfers.

  3. Avira Phantom VPN Free and Supported Devices: Android, iOS, macOS…

    • Device limit: Unlimited

    Platforms supported

    • Android:
      Android is supported by 98 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Android TV:
      Android TV is supported by 37 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Apple TV:
      Apple TV is supported by 18 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Fire TV:
      Fire TV is supported by 44 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Chromebook:
      Chromebook is supported by 21 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Chromecast:
      Chromecast is supported by 16 % of reviewed VPNs
    • iOS:
      iOS is supported by 99 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Kodi:
      Kodi is supported by 22 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Linux:
      Linux is supported by 60 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Mac:
      Mac is supported by 98 % of reviewed VPNs
    • NAS:
      NAS is supported by 25 % of reviewed VPNs
    • nVidia Shield:
      nVidia Shield is supported by 15 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Playstation:
      Playstation is supported by 20 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Raspberry Pi:
      Raspberry Pi is supported by 18 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Roku:
      Roku is supported by 16 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Router:
      Router is supported by 54 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Windows:
      Windows is supported by 100 % of reviewed VPNs
    • xBox:
      xBox is supported by 20 % of reviewed VPNs

    Browser Extensions

    • Brave :
      The Brave browser add-on is offered by 45 % of reviewed VPNs.
    • Chrome :
      The Chrome browser add-on is offered by 45 % of reviewed VPNs.
    • Edge :
      The Edge browser add-on is offered by 19 % of reviewed VPNs.
    • Firefox :
      The Firefox browser add-on is offered by 35 % of reviewed VPNs.
    • Opera :
      The Opera browser add-on is offered by 45 % of reviewed VPNs.
    • Safari :
      The Safari browser add-on is offered by 0 % of reviewed VPNs.
    • Vivaldi :
      The Vivaldi browser add-on is offered by 45 % of reviewed VPNs.

    Avira Phantom VPN Free offers an app for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and a Chrome extension. The option to use it on a router is not available, unlike most paid competitors. Among free VPNs, however, this feature is almost never offered.

    VPNs can be used on an unlimited number of devices.

  4. Avira Phantom VPN Free App: User-friendliness, whitelist, server selection…

    • App Languages: 🇺🇸 English +10 more🇪🇸 Spanish 🇷🇺 Russian 🇩🇪 German 🇹🇷 Turkish 🇫🇷 French 🇮🇹 Italian 🇵🇹 Portuguese 🇳🇱 Dutch 🇯🇵 Japanese 🇨🇳 Chinese
    • Whitelisting:
      Whitelisting is supported by 52 % of reviewed VPNs

    The application is simple and quite intuitive. The settings offer only basic customization options. Avira VPN Free does not offer a whitelist function. You have the option of setting up automatic connections on selected networks and automatically launching the app when the device starts. In the mobile app, you can connect automatically on unsecured networks.

    There are 12 languages offered in the app, including Spanish, German, French or Italian.

  5. Avira Phantom VPN Free Connection Speed: Upload, Download & Latency

    • Traffic limit: 1 GB per month

    Download speed

    Upload speed

    Server latency

    The amount of data you can transfer through the VPN tunnel without registering is limited to 500 MB per month. If you sign up or create a free account, you can transfer 1 GB per month. The amount of data transferred per month is quite low compared to competing VPNs.

    The connection speed here is not limited, so you can easily get to speeds several times faster than what you need for streaming 4K video.

    With its speed, Avira VPN Phantom Free is among the average in our comparison, and that includes the paid competition.

  6. Avira Phantom VPN Free Server Locations

    • Number of servers:
      The average number of servers for the reviewed VPNs is 1661.
    • Number of countries:
      The average number of countries available for the reviewed VPNs is 40.
    Europe 🇧🇪 Belgium 🇧🇬 Bulgaria 🇨🇿 Czech Republic 🇩🇰 Denmark 🇫🇮 Finland 🇫🇷 France 🇮🇪 Ireland 🇮🇸 Iceland 🇮🇹 Italy 🇭🇺 Hungary 🇲🇩 Moldova 🇩🇪 Germany 🇳🇱 Netherlands 🇳🇴 Norway 🇵🇱 Poland 🇦🇹 Austria 🇷🇴 Romania 🇬🇷 Greece 🇸🇮 Slovenia 🇬🇧 United Kingdom 🇷🇸 Serbia 🇪🇸 Spain 🇸🇪 Sweden 🇨🇭 Switzerland
    North America 🇨🇦 Canada 🇲🇽 Mexico 🇺🇸 USA
    South America 🇧🇷 Brazil 🇨🇱 Chile
    Asia 🇭🇰 Hong Kong 🇮🇳 India 🇮🇱 Israel 🇯🇵 Japan 🇸🇬 Singapore
    Oceania 🇦🇺 Australia 🇳🇿 New Zealand

    VPN offers a network of 1,400 servers in 36 countries. In the free version, however, you can only connect to the nearest server on the desktop version. On the mobile version, the range of countries is not limited. Because of this, Avira VPN Free cannot be used to unblock geolocation restrictions.

    Among others, US, Canadian or UK servers are represented in the country menu.

  7. Avira Phantom VPN Free Security Features: DNS Leak Protection, Kill Switch…

    • DNS leak protection :
      DNS leak protection is offered by 93% of the reviewed VPNs.
    • Kill Switch:
      Kill Switch is supported by 85% of the reviewed VPNs.
    • Multi-Hop:
      Multi-Hop connection is offered by 20 % of the VPNs reviewed.
    • Tor:
      Tor support is offered by 18 % of the reviewed VPNs.

    Avira VPN is capable of blocking known malware sites. The kill switch feature is not available in the free VPN. Other advanced security methods are not available.

  8. Avira Phantom VPN Free & Streaming: Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime…

    • Amazon Prime:
      Amazon Prime streaming is supported by 51 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Disney+:
      Disney+ streaming is supported by 54 % of reviewed VPNs
    • HBO:
      HBO streaming is supported by 57 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Hulu:
      Hulu streaming is supported by 48 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Netflix:
      Netflix streaming is supported by 65 % of reviewed VPNs
    • YouTube:
      YouTube streaming is supported by 95 % of reviewed VPNs

    Free VPNs aren’t usually designed for streaming anymore due to the fact that they are usually limited in data transfer, location, or speed.

    Avira Free VPN is no exception, as you can only connect to the nearest server, which won’t help you unblock the streaming service’s content for another country. Plus, you’re limited in the amount of data you can transfer.

  9. Features of Avira Phantom VPN Free: AdBlock, Static IP…

    • Blocks Ads:
      Ad blocking is offered by 43 % of the VPNs reviewed.
    • Blocks Malware:
      Malware blocking is offered by 33 % of the VPNs reviewed.
    • Blocks Trackers:
      Trackers blocking is offered by 36 % of the VPNs reviewed.

    Avira VPN does not offer any other advanced features.

  10. Zatížení počítače s Avira VPN Phantom Free

    The Avira VPN application load on the computer was around average. With the application running only in the background, the performance demand was lower. In use, we did not observe any noticeable slowdown of the device.

  11. Avira Phantom VPN Free Torrenting Servers

    • Torrenting servers:
      Torrenting support is offered by 88 % of the reviewed VPNs.

    Avira VPN servers support P2P file transfer, so this free VPN can also be used for torrent protection. However, the low data limit of 1 GB per month makes it unsuitable.

  12. What is the country of origin of Avira Phantom VPN Free?

    • VPN Provider: Gen Digital Inc.
    • Country of origin: 🇩🇪 Germany

    Avira is based in Germany. So the company has to follow GDPR privacy regulations when handling your data.

  13. Avira Phantom VPN Free and Privacy: Logging Policy, Security Issues…

    • No-Logs Policy:
      The No-Logs Policy is followed by 78% of reviewed VPNs.

    Avira, like other VPN providers, states that it doesn’t store any data about your activities, so it can’t pass that data on to anyone.

    The only data it collects is the size of the data transferred and possibly anonymized diagnostic data to improve the service. The collection of diagnostic data can be turned off in the application.

  14. Avira Phantom VPN Free Support: Chat, e-mail…

    A database of tutorials including videos and solutions to common problems can be used for support. Alternatively, you can also contact the Avira community.

    To contact Avira support, you must be a subscribed user of an Avira product.

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