CyberGhost VPN Review 2023: 3 Cons and 4 Pros

CyberGhost VPN Review 2023: 3 Cons and 4 Pros

  1. CyberGhost VPN offers fast connections and a wide selection of servers

    • Too short and limited trial period
    • Full range of Windows-only features
    • Little payment methods for purchase
    • Wide selection of servers
    • Stable and fast connection
    • High emphasis on security
    • Large choice of protocols

    CyberGhost is a leading Romanian VPN provider, boasting a vast selection of countries and an extensive network of servers. Its advanced features are accessible across multiple platforms and devices, making it a versatile solution. Under the ownership of Kape Technologies PLC, based in Israel, CyberGhost continues to deliver top-notch cybersecurity solutions.

    The CyberGhost VPN can be used on almost all platforms, from computers and mobile phones to gaming consoles and smart TVs. The service can be used simultaneously on 7 different devices within a single subscription. In addition, the CyberGhost Security Suite can be purchased for Windows. This package includes antivirus and a program for secure and easy download of updates.

    CyberGhost VPN prioritizes customer security above all else, ensuring that your information is always kept secure. With a strict no-logs policy, any data stored is thoroughly encrypted. To maintain transparency, the company regularly releases a transparency report every quarter.

    The protocols on offer are WireGuard, IKEv2, OpenVPN TCP, OpenVPN UDP, and L2TP/IPSec.

  2. Subscription CyberGhost VPN: Discount coupon, trial version, money back guarantee

    • Your Price: $12.86​83% off  $2.18 /mo (7 devices)
    • Money Back Guarantee: Yes (45 days)
    • Free Trial: Yes (1 day)
    • Cryptocurrency payments:
      Bitcoin :Yes
      Dash :Yes
      Ethereum :Yes
      Ripple :Yes

    The CyberGhost VPN services can be tried for free for a period of 1 days without entering payment details. With an Android mobile device, the trial version can be used for 3 days and even 7 days for iOS. If the trial period is too short for you, you can take advantage of the money-back guarantee. However, the trial is limited to 1 device only.

    The length of the money-back guarantee varies based on the subscription option you choose. In the case of the monthly plan, the money-back period is only 2 weeks. In the case of the half-year and two-year plans, the money back is guaranteed 45 days from the time the subscription is paid.

    CyberGhost offers a variety of subscription options to suit your needs, including monthly, six-month, and the most cost-effective two-year option. Convenient payment methods such as credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, and Bitcoin are accepted.

    In addition, CyberGhost provides the option to upgrade your security with the CyberGhost Security Suite for Windows. This comprehensive solution protects against malware and viruses while enabling secure software updates with just one click.

  3. Device support at CyberGhost VPN: Android, iOS, macOS…

    • Device limit: 7

    Platforms supported

    • Android:
      Android is supported by 98 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Android TV:
      Android TV is supported by 37 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Apple TV:
      Apple TV is supported by 18 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Fire TV:
      Fire TV is supported by 44 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Chromebook:
      Chromebook is supported by 21 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Chromecast:
      Chromecast is supported by 16 % of reviewed VPNs
    • iOS:
      iOS is supported by 99 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Kodi:
      Kodi is supported by 22 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Linux:
      Linux is supported by 60 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Mac:
      Mac is supported by 98 % of reviewed VPNs
    • NAS:
      NAS is supported by 25 % of reviewed VPNs
    • nVidia Shield:
      nVidia Shield is supported by 15 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Playstation:
      Playstation is supported by 20 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Raspberry Pi:
      Raspberry Pi is supported by 18 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Roku:
      Roku is supported by 16 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Router:
      Router is supported by 54 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Windows:
      Windows is supported by 100 % of reviewed VPNs
    • xBox:
      xBox is supported by 20 % of reviewed VPNs

    Browser Extensions

    • Brave :
      The Brave browser add-on is offered by 45 % of reviewed VPNs.
    • Chrome :
      The Chrome browser add-on is offered by 45 % of reviewed VPNs.
    • Edge :
      The Edge browser add-on is offered by 19 % of reviewed VPNs.
    • Firefox :
      The Firefox browser add-on is offered by 35 % of reviewed VPNs.
    • Opera :
      The Opera browser add-on is offered by 45 % of reviewed VPNs.
    • Safari :
      The Safari browser add-on is offered by 0 % of reviewed VPNs.
    • Vivaldi :
      The Vivaldi browser add-on is offered by 45 % of reviewed VPNs.

    A single purchased subscription allows CyberGhost VPN to be used on 7 devices simultaneously. Compared to competing services, this is rather average.

    The app is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, and for smart TVs. Chrome and Firefox browser extensions can also be installed. If your router supports VPN settings, CyberGhost VPN can also be set on the router.

  4. Application CyberGhost VPN: User-friendliness, whitelist, server selection…

    • App Languages: 🇺🇸 English +11 more🇪🇸 Spanish 🇷🇺 Russian 🇩🇪 German 🇹🇷 Turkish 🇫🇷 French 🇮🇹 Italian 🇵🇱 Polish 🇸🇪 Swedish 🇵🇹 Portuguese 🇰🇷 Korean 🇷🇴 Romanian
    • Whitelisting:
      Whitelisting is supported by 52 % of reviewed VPNs

    Effortlessly connect to servers with just one click, or opt for automatic connection upon device startup. The app’s controls are intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to navigate.

    With the option to designate trusted networks where the VPN connection will not be established, you can tailor the app to your preferences. Additionally, you can choose to auto-connect on all non-secure networks.

    The CyberGhost app allows you to create a list of frequently used servers and also offers a search function to find servers optimized for specific purposes, such as Netflix streaming.

    You can use the application in 12 languages.

    The application offers the possibility to create a whitelist of websites and applications. This feature allows you to set sites and apps that will not use VPN.

  5. Connection speed and traffic for CyberGhost VPN

    • Traffic limit: Unlimited

    Download speed

    Upload speed

    Server latency

    CyberGhost VPN offers a very fast connection, although it still loses a bit to the very best competition. When connecting via CyberGhost VPN, the connection speed was measured (167 Mb/s).

    The connection speed depends on the distance of the connection, with the results of the closest server being better than those of more distant servers from other continents.

    CyberGhost does not limit the amount of data you can transfer over the VPN.

  6. List of countries and VPN servers at CyberGhost VPN

    • Number of servers:
      The average number of servers for the reviewed VPNs is 1670.
    • Number of countries:
      The average number of countries available for the reviewed VPNs is 41.
    Europe 🇧🇪 Belgium 🇦🇱 Albania 🇦🇩 Andorra 🇧🇾 Belarus 🇧🇦 Bosnia and Herzegovina 🇧🇬 Bulgaria 🇲🇪 Montenegro 🇨🇿 Czech Republic 🇩🇰 Denmark 🇪🇪 Estonia 🇫🇮 Finland 🇫🇷 France 🇮🇪 Ireland 🇮🇸 Iceland 🇮🇹 Italy 🇨🇾 Cyprus 🇱🇮 Liechtenstein 🇱🇹 Lithuania 🇱🇻 Latvia 🇱🇺 Luxembourg 🇭🇺 Hungary 🇲🇹 Malta 🇲🇩 Moldova 🇲🇨 Monaco 🇩🇪 Germany 🇳🇱 Netherlands 🇳🇴 Norway 🇮🇲 Isle of Man 🇵🇱 Poland 🇵🇹 Portugal 🇦🇹 Austria 🇷🇴 Romania 🇬🇷 Greece 🇲🇰 Northern Macedonia 🇸🇰 Slovakia 🇸🇮 Slovenia 🇬🇧 United Kingdom 🇷🇸 Serbia 🇪🇸 Spain 🇸🇪 Sweden 🇨🇭 Switzerland 🇹🇷 Turkey 🇺🇦 Ukraine
    North America 🇧🇸 Bahamas 🇬🇱 Greenland 🇨🇦 Canada 🇨🇷 Costa Rica 🇲🇽 Mexico 🇵🇦 Panama 🇺🇸 USA
    South America 🇧🇷 Brazil 🇦🇷 Argentina 🇨🇱 Chile 🇨🇴 Colombia 🇻🇪 Venezuela
    Asia 🇦🇲 Armenia 🇧🇩 Bangladesh 🇨🇳 China 🇵🇭 Philippines 🇬🇪 Georgia 🇭🇰 Hong Kong 🇮🇳 India 🇮🇩 Indonesia 🇮🇷 Iran 🇮🇱 Israel 🇯🇵 Japan 🇰🇷 South Korea 🇰🇭 Cambodia 🇶🇦 Qatar 🇰🇿 Kazakhstan 🇲🇴 Macao 🇲🇾 Malaysia 🇲🇳 Mongolia 🇵🇰 Pakistan 🇷🇺 Russia 🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia 🇸🇬 Singapore 🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates 🇱🇰 Sri Lanka 🇹🇼 Taiwan 🇻🇳 Vietnam
    Africa 🇩🇿 Algeria 🇪🇬 Egypt 🇿🇦 South Africa 🇰🇪 Kenya 🇲🇦 Morocco 🇳🇬 Nigeria
    Oceania 🇦🇺 Australia 🇳🇿 New Zealand

    CyberGhost VPN offers the ability to connect through 9,264 servers in 89 countries. With this number of servers, it is one of the largest offerings among the VPN providers tested.

    In some countries (such as Portugal, Croatia, or Malta), the servers are virtual only. These differ from physical ones in that the connection to the server is made via a server that is physically located in another country.

    There is an option to select servers that are optimized for a particular use. For example, you can connect to servers that are optimized for streaming, or servers that are designed for secure torrenting. This will give you the best possible results that CyberGhost VPN can offer.

  7. Security at CyberGhost VPN: DNS protection, kill switch…

    • DNS leak protection :
      DNS leak protection is offered by 92% of the reviewed VPNs.
    • Kill Switch:
      Kill Switch is supported by 85% of the reviewed VPNs.
    • Multi-Hop:
      Multi-Hop connection is offered by 20 % of the VPNs reviewed.
    • Tor:
      Tor support is offered by 18 % of the reviewed VPNs.

    At the DNS level, CyberGhost VPN offers the ability to block the loading of sites that contain malware and potentially threatening content. At the same time, a feature is introduced in the application to block advertising and tracking DNS.

    DNS protection is done by sending requests through CyberGhost VPN servers. The CyberGhost VPN also offers an automatic kill switch. With this feature, the connection will be blocked during outages or complications with the internet connection.

    Supported protocols include WireGuard, OpemVPN TCP, OpenVPN UDP, and IKEv2. However, unlike Surfshark or NordVPN, CyberGhost does not offer the ability to connect to multiple servers simultaneously (multi-hop connections).

  8. VPN streaming on CyberGhost VPN: Netflix, Youtube, Amazon…

    • Amazon Prime:
      Amazon Prime streaming is supported by 53 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Disney+:
      Disney+ streaming is supported by 55 % of reviewed VPNs
    • HBO:
      HBO streaming is supported by 58 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Hulu:
      Hulu streaming is supported by 49 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Netflix:
      Netflix streaming is supported by 65 % of reviewed VPNs
    • YouTube:
      YouTube streaming is supported by 96 % of reviewed VPNs

    For best results, you need to connect to servers optimized for streaming. In the CyberGhost VPN app, just search for “Netflix” before connecting, for example.

    Through CyberGhost VPN, you can watch streaming platforms Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, YouTube, Disney Plus, and many more. CyberGhost VPN can also be used to stream sports channels in different countries.

    Connection on servers dedicated to streaming is fully sufficient. The speed we measured on several different servers is adequate to stream FullHD videos without any limitations.

    At the highest level, however, CyberGhost VPN still falls short. For example, video up to 4K resolution can be streamed without complications via Surfshark. With CyberGhost VPN, 4K video can only be watched seamlessly from nearby servers.

  9. Function CyberGhost VPN: Adblock, static IP address…

    • Blocks Ads:
      Ad blocking is offered by 43 % of the VPNs reviewed.
    • Blocks Malware:
      Malware blocking is offered by 34 % of the VPNs reviewed.
    • Blocks Trackers:
      Trackers blocking is offered by 36 % of the VPNs reviewed.

    The CyberGhost VPN service offers ad blocking, malware and tracker blocking. The application settings allow for easy activation of all available features, including antivirus, Security Updater, Privacy Guard, CyberGuard, NoSpy servers, and Cookie Cleaner. These features are also accessible on mobile devices and smart TVs.

    Recently, CyberGhost introduced the option for a static IP address, which is available in the full version through a regular subscription plan without any additional fees.

  10. The load on the computer with CyberGhost VPN

    CyberGhost VPN has a similar effect on computer performance as competing services. In certain cases, it puts a bit more load on the computer than the competition. However, the load does not affect the use of the computer or the overall smoothness of the work.

    However, if you do not use the application, we recommend that you turn it off.

  11. VPN torrent and CyberGhost VPN

    • Torrenting servers:
      Torrenting support is offered by 88 % of the reviewed VPNs.

    CyberGhost VPN offers the ability to connect to servers that are optimized for P2P. There are almost 80 such servers on offer, including servers from the USA, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Greece and other countries.

  12. Headquarters CyberGhost VPN

    • VPN Provider: Kape Technologies PLC
    • Country of origin: 🇷🇴 Romania

    The company’s headquarters are located in Bucharest. CyberGhost was founded in Romania and is still based there today. Romania is not one of the countries massively tracking and providing data on its citizens and users.

    The Romania is a member country of the European Union, and as a result, it follows very strict rules about GDPR.

  13. Privacy and CyberGhost VPN: Log storage, security…

    The CyberGhost VPN ensures a high level of privacy. The company does not store any logs of activity during connection and does not associate any logs with users’ IP addresses.

    The company prides itself on security and transparency, publishing regular transparency reports every 3 months. In these reports, you can find out what the company is doing to keep users of CyberGhost VPN as safe as possible.

    In 2022, CyberGhost VPN underwent verification by Deloitte, a respected independent auditing firm. The audit report confirmed that the company does not retain any sensitive customer information and only maintains records of payment details and the platforms utilized. The data collected is not shared publicly and is kept strictly confidential.

    Security at CyberGhost VPN is generally at a very good level, as most competing services are not regularly audited and do not issue any transparency reports.

  14. Support at CyberGhost VPN: Chat, email…

    • No-Logs Policy:
      The No-Logs Policy is followed by 78% of reviewed VPNs.

    The most commonly encountered issues and how-to guides are available in the support section of the website.

    If you do not find a solution in the FAQ section, you can contact support directly, which is available around the clock. You can contact support using the contact form and then receive an answer to your question.

  15. CyberGhost VPN FAQ

    Who owns the CyberGhost VPN service?
    CyberGhost VPN is owned by Kape Technologies PLC as of 2018. This Israeli company also operates VPN services ExpressVPN or Private Internet Access.
    Is the CyberGhost VPN service trusted?
    The CyberGhost service is a secure option. The company reports regularly, on changes in security and on the possession of information about their customers. The information that CyberGhost holds is in encrypted form and is not provided to any authorities. CyberGhost VPN also does not store any logs.
    Where does CyberGhost VPN come from?
    CyberGhost VPN is a company based in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. It is owned by the Israeli company Kape Technologies.
    Does CyberGhost slow down connection speeds?
    If you as a user are connected to a server that is not too remote, there is almost no slowdown. However, if you are connected to a very remote server, the connection may be slightly slower and the response time may be degraded. However, the connection through CyberGhost VPN is very fast and stable.

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