F-Secure Freedome VPN 2024 Review: 5 Cons and 3 Pros

F-Secure Freedome VPN 2024 Review: 5 Cons and 3 Pros

  1. F-Secure Freedome VPN: 5 days of Free Trial with No Registration Required

    • Offers limited configuration options
    • Provides a limited number of servers (28) and countries (23)
    • Does not support Amazon Prime, Disney+, and other streaming services
    • Logs are partially retained
    • Poor price-to-performance ratio
    • Trial version of VPN available without registration
    • Features a simple and intuitive app interface
    • Excellent technical support

    F-Secure Freedome VPN is a suitable choice, particularly for those new to VPN usage. The app provides a 5-day free trial without requiring registration or personal information input. It has a user-friendly desktop interface, and in case of queries, top-notch technical support is readily available.

    For comprehensive device protection, the F-Secure Total package is recommended. It incorporates antivirus, password management, privacy software, and other related services along with the VPN.

    F-Secure Freedome VPN may not be the best option for users who require a VPN to unblock streaming services, as it does not support Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO, and a few other platforms. For unblocking streams, NordVPN or CyberGhost VPN is recommended. Both services support all major video platforms, provide ample speed for high-definition video viewing, and ensure excellent security levels.

  2. F-Secure Freedome VPN Subscription: Discount Code, Free Trial, Money Back Guarantee…

    • Your Price: $7.15​95% off  $4.02 /mo (7 devices)
    • Money Back Guarantee: Yes (30 days)
    • Free Trial: Yes (5 days)
    • Cryptocurrency payments:
      Bitcoin :No
      Dash :No
      Ethereum :No
      Ripple :No

    The subscription price for F-Secure Freedome VPN is based on the duration and number of devices included. Available options are for 12 or 24 months, covering 1/3/5/7/10 devices. The most economical price of $4.02 is attainable by prepaying for the longest period. Additionally, mobile device orders have the option for monthly billing, although this is not the most cost-efficient choice.

    Payment for subscriptions can be made through credit cards or PayPal; cryptocurrencies are not accepted.

    A 5 days of trial version of F-Secure Freedome VPN is available, requiring no personal details or payment method for activation. Simply install the application.

    A 30 days of money-back guarantee covers the subscription from the purchase date. To avail it, customer support needs to be contacted with the order reference number. The guarantee applies solely to purchases made from F-Secure Freedome VPN‘s official website. For subscriptions obtained elsewhere, the refund policy might vary.

  3. F-Secure Freedome VPN and Supported Devices: Android, iOS, macOS…

    • Device limit: 7

    Platforms supported

    • Android:
      Android is supported by 98 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Android TV:
      Android TV is supported by 36 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Apple TV:
      Apple TV is supported by 18 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Fire TV:
      Fire TV is supported by 43 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Chromebook:
      Chromebook is supported by 20 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Chromecast:
      Chromecast is supported by 16 % of reviewed VPNs
    • iOS:
      iOS is supported by 99 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Kodi:
      Kodi is supported by 21 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Linux:
      Linux is supported by 61 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Mac:
      Mac is supported by 98 % of reviewed VPNs
    • NAS:
      NAS is supported by 24 % of reviewed VPNs
    • nVidia Shield:
      nVidia Shield is supported by 14 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Playstation:
      Playstation is supported by 20 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Raspberry Pi:
      Raspberry Pi is supported by 17 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Roku:
      Roku is supported by 16 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Router:
      Router is supported by 53 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Windows:
      Windows is supported by 100 % of reviewed VPNs
    • xBox:
      xBox is supported by 20 % of reviewed VPNs

    Browser Extensions

    • Brave :
      The Brave browser add-on is offered by 43 % of reviewed VPNs.
    • Chrome :
      The Chrome browser add-on is offered by 43 % of reviewed VPNs.
    • Edge :
      The Edge browser add-on is offered by 21 % of reviewed VPNs.
    • Firefox :
      The Firefox browser add-on is offered by 34 % of reviewed VPNs.
    • Opera :
      The Opera browser add-on is offered by 43 % of reviewed VPNs.
    • Safari :
      The Safari browser add-on is offered by 0 % of reviewed VPNs.
    • Vivaldi :
      The Vivaldi browser add-on is offered by 43 % of reviewed VPNs.

    F-Secure Freedome VPN can be utilized on up to 7 devices simultaneously, depending on the selected subscription plan.

    Supported platforms include Windows, macOS, Android (smartphones and tablets), and iOS (iPhone and iPad). To use F-Secure Freedome VPN on these platforms, the corresponding app needs to be installed, which can be found on the service’s website and app stores.

    Currently, F-Secure Freedome VPN does not offer a browser extension.

  4. F-Secure Freedome VPN App: User-friendliness, whitelist, server selection…

    • App Languages: 🇺🇸 English +17 more🇩🇪 German 🇪🇸 Spanish 🇫🇷 French 🇵🇹 Portuguese 🇮🇹 Italian 🇨🇳 Chinese 🇷🇺 Russian 🇰🇷 Korean 🇵🇱 Polish 🇯🇵 Japanese 🇫🇮 Finnish 🇳🇱 Dutch 🇸🇪 Swedish 🇭🇺 Hungarian 🇩🇰 Danish 🇳🇴 Norwegian 🇨🇿 Czech
    • Whitelisting:
      Whitelisting is supported by 52 % of reviewed VPNs

    The F-Secure Freedome VPN app interface is clean and straightforward but offers limited configuration options. It enables automatic VPN activation when the device boots, displays connection notifications, and includes a kill switch function. It allows manual protocol selection from a list including OpenVPN, OpenVPN-TCP, and IKEv2.

    F-Secure Freedome VPN supports whitelisting, enabling the user to select apps that will connect to the internet without using VPN.

    The Tracker Mapper feature monitors and visualizes tracking attempts on visited websites, displaying a list of sites and services attempting to track your online activities within the app interface.

    The interface uses a fixed blue color theme, without the option to switch between light and dark modes. The F-Secure Freedome VPN desktop application is translated into 18 languages.

    The mobile app (tested on Android) emphasizes simplicity, operating with a single button. The settings options in F-Secure Freedome VPN mimic those of the desktop version, with the addition of a monthly billing subscription choice.

  5. F-Secure Freedome VPN Connection Speed: Upload, Download & Latency

    • Traffic limit: Unlimited

    Download speed

    Upload speed

    Server latency

    F-Secure Freedome VPN imposes no limit on data transfer, standard for paid VPN services.

    Despite having fewer servers than its competitors, F-Secure Freedome VPN maintained stable connection speeds during testing. Speeds fluctuated significantly depending on the selected server location. Generally, download speed diminished as server distance from Prague (our testing location) increased.

    The average download speed achieved was 81 Mb/s, with an average upload speed of 66 Mb/s.

    The server response rate of 14 ms is average among VPNs, but sufficient for PC gaming and video watching. For server response times, lower values are preferable.

  6. F-Secure Freedome VPN Server Locations

    • Number of servers:
      The average number of servers for the reviewed VPNs is 1699.
    • Number of countries:
      The average number of countries available for the reviewed VPNs is 41.
    Europe 🇧🇪 Belgium 🇨🇿 Czech Republic 🇩🇰 Denmark 🇫🇮 Finland 🇫🇷 France 🇮🇪 Ireland 🇮🇹 Italy 🇩🇪 Germany 🇳🇱 Netherlands 🇳🇴 Norway 🇵🇱 Poland 🇵🇹 Portugal 🇦🇹 Austria 🇬🇧 United Kingdom 🇪🇸 Spain 🇸🇪 Sweden 🇨🇭 Switzerland
    North America 🇨🇦 Canada 🇲🇽 Mexico 🇺🇸 USA
    South America
    Asia 🇯🇵 Japan 🇸🇬 Singapore
    Oceania 🇦🇺 Australia

    F-Secure Freedome VPN offers 28 servers in 23 countries. Europe is most represented, with the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, and Australia also among the available locations.

    Countries with government censorship, such as Russia and China, are not included in the list of locations. F-Secure Freedome VPN lacks coverage in South America and Africa, and some of the operational servers are virtual. This can cause issues when trying to bypass geo-restrictions.

    Compared to competitors, the number of servers and locations provided by F-Secure Freedome VPN is below average. For instance, ExpressVPN (94) and Surfshark (97) offer servers across a wider range of countries.

  7. F-Secure Freedome VPN Security Features: DNS Leak Protection, Kill Switch…

    • DNS leak protection :
      DNS leak protection is offered by 92% of the reviewed VPNs.
    • Kill Switch:
      Kill Switch is supported by 87% of the reviewed VPNs.
    • Multi-Hop:
      Multi-Hop connection is offered by 20 % of the VPNs reviewed.
    • Tor:
      Tor support is offered by 19 % of the reviewed VPNs.

    F-Secure Freedome VPN incorporates a kill switch feature that disconnects the computer from the internet if the VPN server connection is lost, protecting the user’s identity and data. Our tests confirmed the functionality of DNS protection.

    All data transmission is encrypted with the highly secure AES-256 algorithm.

    The primary protocol used is OpenVPN, with IPSec/IKEv2 and OpenVPN also available on Windows and Mac devices. Android mobile devices support only OpenVPN UDP, while iOS devices support IPSec with IKEv1 and IKEv2.

    F-Secure Freedome VPN does not log visited websites, transferred data, or used apps. However, details like the user’s public IP address, data volume transferred, session duration, and device ID are retained for 90 days.

    The app includes protection against harmful content and blocks dangerous websites and apps. Detected tracking can be viewed using the Tracker Mapper feature.

  8. F-Secure Freedome VPN & Streaming: Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime…

    • Amazon Prime:
      Amazon Prime streaming is supported by 52 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Disney+:
      Disney+ streaming is supported by 53 % of reviewed VPNs
    • HBO:
      HBO streaming is supported by 57 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Hulu:
      Hulu streaming is supported by 49 % of reviewed VPNs
    • Netflix:
      Netflix streaming is supported by 67 % of reviewed VPNs
    • YouTube:
      YouTube streaming is supported by 97 % of reviewed VPNs

    Support for streaming platforms with F-Secure Freedome VPN is insufficient. During testing, only Netflix, YouTube, and BBC iPlayer streams were successfully unblocked, with connection speed suitable for watching high-definition video.

    F-Secure Freedome VPN does not support Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Disney Plus, or Hulu. For unblocking overseas streams from these services, we recommend CyberGhost VPN or NordVPN. In our tests, these competitors unblocked streams from all major platforms and supported 4K video viewing without issues.

  9. Features of F-Secure Freedome VPN: AdBlock, Static IP…

    • Blocks Ads:
      Ad blocking is offered by 44 % of the VPNs reviewed.
    • Blocks Malware:
      Malware blocking is offered by 33 % of the VPNs reviewed.
    • Blocks Trackers:
      Trackers blocking is offered by 38 % of the VPNs reviewed.

    F-Secure Freedome VPN provides fundamental features, such as blocking ads, malware, and trackers.

    F-Secure Freedome VPN does not offer static IP addresses, even as an additional service.

  10. F-Secure Freedome VPN‘s CPU usage and App Performance

    The F-Secure Freedome VPN desktop application for Windows deducts a few tens of MB from the operating memory when in use, with the CPU load not posing a significant issue. The difference in load with active and inactive VPN protection is negligible.

    A green icon in the system tray signals to the user that the VPN connection is active.

    The size of the F-Secure VPN app on a mobile device depends on the platform used and the version of the app. The installation file itself is under 15 MB. The total size on the device may gradually increase when using the F-Secure Freedome VPN app.

    We advise updating the app regularly for optimal functionality.

  11. F-Secure Freedome VPN Torrenting Servers

    • Torrenting servers:
      Torrenting support is offered by 89 % of the reviewed VPNs.

    F-Secure Freedome VPN does not support torrenting or other P2P services.

    Due to the potential misuse of the service for sharing illegal content, F-Secure Freedome VPN blocks P2P. Some of the best VPNs for torrenting include Surfshark and Ivacy VPN, which do not limit this type of traffic and also offer high transfer speeds.

  12. What is the country of origin of F-Secure Freedome VPN?

    • VPN Provider: F-Secure Corporation
    • Country of origin: 🇫🇮 Finland

    F-Secure Freedome VPN is operated by F-Secure Corporation, a company registered in Finland. The company’s history dates back to 1988, when it was established as Data Fellows, focusing on computer training and database creation.

    F-Secure launched its first antivirus program in 1994. Today, it focuses on cyber security as a whole, continuing to sell antivirus programs and other threat management solutions in addition to F-Secure Freedome VPN.

    Although Finland is not a member of the 14 Eyes Countries grouping that shares user data among themselves, it does cooperate with the Five Eyes grouping and the European Union on information and intelligence sharing.

    The company is registered in the European Union and therefore must comply with the GDPR regulations on the handling of personal data. F-Secure prioritizes protecting user privacy and states that it does not store any sensitive information about users’ activities while using VPNs.

  13. F-Secure Freedome VPN and Privacy: Logging Policy, Security Issues…

    • No-Logs Policy:
      The No-Logs Policy is followed by 78% of reviewed VPNs.

    Despite F-Secure Freedome VPN being based in Finland, where some of the strictest privacy laws are enforced, the privacy policy raises some concerns.

    For instance, the F-Secure Freedome VPN application keeps temporary logs that include the duration of the session, the amount of data transferred, the device ID, the public IP address, and the hostname from where the user is connecting. This data is stored by the operator for 90 days.

    Government authorities have on several occasions requested the operator F-Secure Freedome VPN to release this data. Although the courts have subsequently ruled in favor of F-Secure Corporation, this may instill a sense of risk for some users.

    The F-Secure Freedome VPN application includes an optional Tracker Mapper feature designed to monitor tracking software on websites. This feature inherently tracks user data. To display blocked tracking attempts and visual maps, data is stored for three days and can be deleted at any time in the application settings.

    We also view negatively the clause about exchanging the user’s personal data with distribution partners that manage and support the F-Secure Freedome VPN service.

    Missing features include multi-hop, where the application connects through two VPN servers simultaneously. This achieves an even higher level of privacy.

    We cannot recommend F-Secure Freedome VPN to users who seek the maximum level of privacy and anonymity possible. A more suitable choice for them would be Proton VPN Plus or NordVPN.

  14. F-Secure Freedome VPN Support: Chat, e-mail…

    The level of customer support at F-Secure Freedome VPN was pleasantly surprising. It was one of the best compared to other VPNs. Users have access to a discussion forum, answers to frequently asked questions, and chat and phone support in various countries.

    We tried the chat as part of our testing and received a relevant answer very quickly. Phone support is available on weekdays from Monday to Friday, usually from morning to early evening.

  15. F-Secure Freedome VPN FAQ

    Is F-Secure Freedome VPN a good VPN?
    F-Secure Freedome VPN scores a 6.8/10 in our evaluation, placing it among average services. The VPN’s strengths include usage without registration, a straightforward app interface, and excellent customer support. We identify shortcomings in the partial logging of user activity, limited support for streaming platforms, and a small range of servers and countries.
    Is F-Secure Freedome VPN a trusted VPN?
    The Finnish company behind the service, F-Secure Corporation, has been on the market since 1988. F-Secure Freedome VPN uses high-level encryption and secure certificates. Unlike the most secure VPNs on the market, it partially logs user activity and retains the collected data for 90 days.
    Is F-Secure Freedome VPN better than NordVPN?
    While F-Secure Freedome VPN received a 6.8/10 rating in our review, NordVPN received a 9.4/10 rating. NordVPN‘s advantages include multi-hop support, a broader range of certificates, and better support for streaming services. NordVPN operates 5,813 servers in 59 countries worldwide.

    NordVPN‘s subscription price, with a discount for VPN wiki readers, is $4.07 per month. Subscriptions can be purchased at F-Secure Freedome VPN for the promotional price of $4.02 per month.

    Is F-Secure Freedome VPN free?
    F-Secure Freedome VPN is a paid service, with the most affordable subscription costing $4.02 per month. You can try out the VPN for free for 5 days without having to provide personal information. A money-back guarantee is available for 30 days after purchase, where 100% of the amount paid is refunded.

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