How to Install a VPN in Your Browser

How to Install a VPN in Your Browser

Many VPN providers offer their apps as browser extensions. This is handy if your device does not support the classic app. A browser extension can unblock websites like a regular app. However, a VPN browser extension will not protect the internet connection of your system or the apps on your device. You also cannot unblock the content of apps on your device using a VPN extension.

If a VPN app is on your device, then in most cases, you no longer need a browser extension. However, for selected VPNs, you will get added protection options by adding the extension to your browser. For these VPNs, install the extension.

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  1. Installing a VPN in Your Browser
  2. Installing the VPN Add-on

Installing a VPN in Your Browser

First, make sure the VPN offers an extension for your browser. For example, if you have a Brave, Vivaldi, Chromium, or Opera browser, then you can install the Chrome extension for your browser directly from the Chrome Web Store. So, if you have one of these browsers or any other that supports Chrome, then all you need is a VPN that offers Chrome extensions.

How do I install the VPN extension on my browser? In most cases, you can download an extension for your browser either from the provider’s website or from the official extension store in your browser. For example, in Chrome and other browsers that use the Chrome Web Store, open the browser menu (in most browsers, three horizontal lines above each other in the top right) and find the extension (in Mozilla Firefox, add-ons). This will take you to the browser’s extensions (add-ons) management; here, you can see and manage the add-ons you have already installed.

Installing the VPN Add-on

Usually, at the bottom, you will find a button to access the extension store. Search for your provider in the add-ons store. Check that it is your provider’s VPN extension and click install (add) in your browser.

You will see a window with the permissions the extension needs. Confirm the permissions. The extension will now automatically download and install in your browser. Once installed, you can usually find it next to the address bar on the right or in browser extensions. Click on its icon. In the box that appears, log in to your VPN account. Now set up the extension, and you can start using it like the VPN app.

Remember that the VPN extension only works within the browser.

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