Review: Brave Free Internet Browser Protects Your Privacy

Review: Brave Free Internet Browser Protects Your Privacy

Brave is a web browser like Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. However, Brave’s focus on privacy, speed, and security, makes it different from other browsers. For example, Brave automatically blocks ads and trackers, so your connection loads faster, plus you save on mobile data.

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  1. Brave vs. Chrome
  2. Go to Brave
  3. Security and Privacy Brave
  4. Brave Ads and Rewards
  5. Brave Mobile App
  6. Other Brave Browser apps
  7. Downloading Brave

Brave vs. Chrome

The Brave browser is on the Chromium core. Chromium is an open-source project on the Chrome browser. Chromium, unlike Chrome, does not include any added code from Google. This means that Google cannot track your searches directly in the browser. If you want to get rid of Google altogether, then use one of the alternative search engines that protect your privacy. Examples of search engines that respect your privacy are DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, and Qwant.

The main advantage of the Chromium platform is its debugged and secure environment and the ability to install almost all Chrome browser extensions.

Brave offers an alternative for searching the internet without ads and tracking. In addition, the Brave browser is free. You can download the browser apps for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices.

Go to Brave

Because Brave is on Chrome, the environment is similar to Chrome. So, if you are switching from Chrome, the domain will be familiar. The environment is intuitive and easy to use and set up. You can also download all your favorite extensions and use them as you did on your previous browser.

You can also transfer your bookmarks, browsing history, saved passwords, and auto-fill forms to the new browser—all with one click.

Security and Privacy Brave

Brave increases the privacy of the user as they move around the internet. Brave does not monetize your data and protects you from monetization by others. The browser blocks trackers that aim to follow you and sell your search data to ad providers.

The customized browser already protects privacy, security, and search speed. So you do not need to set up your browser. Of course, if you want, you can customize the browser to your preferences. Brave automatically accesses the version of the site with the more secure HTTPS protocol if the site offers it, thus increasing the security of your connection.

For private searches, Brave automatically suggests the DuckDuckGo search engine. For maximum privacy, Brave offers a built-in Tor browser that you can use for anonymous browsing. Like a VPN, Tor is used to mask your IP address. The main difference is slower loading times and the lack of other features, such as content unblocking. Thus, you can use Tor occasionally rather than permanently. For permanent protection, choose a VPN.

Brave browser is not a replacement for a VPN because it does not mask your IP address, cannot bypass censorship and geolocation restrictions, and does not encrypt the data you transmit. Therefore, it is advisable to use Brave along with a VPN for maximum privacy and security.

Brave Ads and Rewards

Brave blocks ads on all sites. If you do not want ads blocked on selected pages, you can simply turn off ad blocking for that page.

Brave offers custom ads that respect your privacy. Ad matching takes place entirely on your device; it sends no data from your browser. The ability to display Brave ads is entirely up to you. You will receive rewards in the cryptocurrency BAT for viewing the ads, and you can then decide whether to keep the money or split it between the sites you visit.

If you turn on brave rewards, it automatically distributes the money in BAT among the sites in the exact proportion of your traffic. The evaluation of traffic is only on your device. The data is not available for Brave either. You can also distribute BAT funds among the sites you select.

Brave Mobile App

They offer the Brave browser for mobile devices in addition to computers. Also, you can link the browsers to share settings, passwords, history, themes, and more across devices. This way, you do not need to set up each device separately and can continue browsing on any device.

You do not need to create an account to sync between devices; you pair your mobile device via a QR code and your computer by scanning a chain code. You generate both in the browser app on either device.

Other Brave Browser apps

Brave integrates various other apps into its browser. Currently, it offers Gemini and Binance cryptocurrency exchanges. You can thus exchange money into cryptocurrencies directly in the browser, only linking your account.

Other apps will become integrated in the future. You can thus look forward to further extensions.

Downloading Brave

Download the app for mobile devices in the App Store and Google Play. For Windows, macOS, or Linux computers, you can download the Brave browser at the official Brave website.

Once downloaded, follow the app’s instructions to install and set up.

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