Tesla Energy Saver is a Scam. We Know What’s Inside the Device!

Tesla Energy Saver is a Scam. We Know What’s Inside the Device!

The Tesla Energy Saver Eco Miracle Box promises up to 75% savings on your electricity bill. The credit goes to “innovative, revolutionary technology”. The box, priced at $521148 Kč, only needs to be plugged into a socket.

Google says otherwise: “A scam, a big scam, a hoax.” We ordered the Tesla Energy Saver and took it apart down to the last screw. The review of the device had a surprising twist.

The “Electricity Saver” Saves Up to 75% on Your Bill

You can purchase the Tesla Energy Saver through various websites. We ordered it through the Czech site SpecialniCeny.com, whose banner ads also appeared in Google’s ad network.

Because the site is rife with asterisks and generic phrases, we turned to the advertised phone number, 533 334 554, for help. (If you Google it, you will discover other notable products sold by the same company.)

We had to put on an uncomprehending tone, and the Slovak-speaking operator was forthcoming, even though he had not yet met Tesla Energy Saver in his experience: “The device stabilizes the voltage that fluctuates in the network, and as a result, appliances draw more electricity than they should. The Tesla Energy Saver thus works similarly to a faucet aerator, but with the difference that it runs on electricity.”

Tesla Energy Saver Eco

The request for a discount went unheeded, but we had the option to return the product within 44 days if we did not achieve the desired savings.

Usually, a separate Tesla Energy Saver is said to be for each electrical circuit in the home; we are ordering one for $45999 Kč plus $6.75149 Kč postage as a trial.

How Much Savings Will the Tesla Energy Saver Actually Deliver?

A courier from the company DPD delivered the Tesla Energy Saver about the fourth day after ordering. The paper box contained Czech instructions and a device labeled “Electricity saving box”, which supposedly only needed to plug into the mains.

Inside the device, broken plastic locks rattled. Apparently, it was a piece returned by a previous owner. Two green LEDs on the box lit up when plugged into a socket. As it turned out, that is all the Tesla Energy Saver for $521148 Kč can do.
With a digital multimeter, we first measured the mains voltage at 233.1 V; after plugging the Tesla Energy Saver into the same socket, the voltage rose to 233.3 V. Such a change is not only negligible but given the normal fluctuations in mains voltage, it cannot be attributed to the energy saver.

Tesla Energy Saver Eco

We then set the voltage to 210 V and the load to 400 W via the autotransformer. After connecting the Tesla Energy Saver, the voltage was increased by 0.4 V to 210.4 V. The device thus changes the mains voltage to an insignificant extent, but we cannot talk about savings in electricity costs. And this does not include the purchase costs.

The Tesla Energy Saver will, therefore, not bring any savings.

What is Inside the Tesla Energy Saver?

We unbolted the Tesla Energy Saver. There were not many components inside the big box: only a simple electrical circuit with a pair of green LEDs and a 5 μF capacitor.

Tesla Energy Saver Eco

The box, priced at $521148 Kč, only lights up two LEDs, balances the voltage in the mains quite negligibly, and consumes electricity itself.

You can estimate the production cost of the Tesla Energy Saver at a few dollars.

We are Returning the Tesla Energy Saver for a Refund

We decided to try the promised 44-day money-back guarantee and called the phone number listed again. Unfortunately, the same operator we had spoken to when placing our order told us that it was purely a sales line and dictated an email address to send our refund request.

Sadly, the email returned with a note saying the address did not exist. Resigned to the loss, we tried to replace the .cz domain with an international .com in our browser.

Bingo! A page of the same company with a contact email address is loaded, to which we again sent a refund request. The next day, we got an automated email with a link to a refund request form and a Slovenian address to send the Tesla Energy Saver to.

On Friday, we filled in our order and bank account numbers and asked for a refund. We sent the package by Czech Post at our own expense on Tuesday of the following week.
Wednesday morning brought a big surprise.

The bank account received credit for $521148 Kč, the amount corresponding to the price of the Tesla Energy Saver and the postage paid. Given the speed of international payments, they must have sent the money before we shipped the package.

Thus, the seller is betting on the reluctance of the customers to send the goods back to Slovenia and accepting the loss.

“Alpha Male” Guide, Chin Remover, and Other Dubious Products

The Tesla Energy Saver was sold to us by DO in d.o.o., whose registered office, according to the Slovenian Commercial Register, is at Dimičeva ulica 16, 1000 Ljubljana. During the course of writing this article, SpecialniCeny.com has changed hands. The new one is also a Slovenian company, Tel Media d.o.o. with a registered office at Parmova ulica 53, 1000 Ljubljana.

Tesla Energy Saver Eco

The operator changes are repeated and may serve as a cover-up. For example, the refund for Tesla Energy Saver came to us from the account of TV Prodaja d.o.o., which we traced to the former operator of Rabaho.com. The current operator is DO in d. o. o

Not only through Rabaho.com, DO in d. o. o. sells other products with easily questionable effects – Snore Terminator to relieve snoring for $501099 Kč, Neck Slim to remove chin for $36799 Kč, Diabetes NoMore for “reversing the progression of diabetes” for $491080 Kč, or the Alpha Male Secrets guide for $501099 Kč.

DO in d.o.o. operates and sells Tesla Energy Saver in several European countries. In Slovakia, the website is Specialna-Cena.net, in Poland via PrzystepneCeny.com, in Hungary via ElfogadHatoarak.com, and randomly in Romania via Super-Preturi.net.

It is worth noting the same photos (but different names) of degreed engineers who cannot get enough of the Tesla Energy Saver.

Have you ordered Tesla Energy Saver, dietary supplements, or other products from DO in d.o.o.? You can post your experiences in the comments below the article

The article about Tesla Energy Saver Eco was originally published in Czech by the same author. This post is a translation of it. Some details may vary in other countries.

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