How to install a VPN on an iPhone

How to install a VPN on an iPhone

Installing a VPN on an iPhone and iPad is easy. This universal guide is for all VPN providers. Contact your provider if you cannot install a VPN using this guide. Many VPNs also offer custom instructions explicitly designed for their VPN program.

Installing a VPN on an iPhone

Open the Apple App Store on your device and search for your VPN provider’s app. Install the app. Then open it, confirm the app is enabled, and sign in with the account you created from the order step. If not, purchase a VPN before, or use the free or trial versions.

Paid VPNs are almost always convenient to acquire through a web browser, where you will find all the bargains that may not be available in the app.

After activating the app, we recommend you review and customize the settings to your needs. With a suitable setup, you would not worry about anything later, knowing that your privacy is protected. For a paid VPN with no limit, you can turn on a kill switch (if the VPN provider offers one) to prevent data transmission outside the secure VPN tunnel and automatic/continuous connection to the VPN network. You can also activate other protection features the app may offer, including firewall functions or tracker and ad blocking.

Connect to a VPN on an iPhone

Connecting to a VPN is easy and is basically a single click. In the app, select the country you want to connect to and confirm with a button or slider. In normal use, it is handy to choose a local server. If you want to bypass the geolock and unblock the page, select the country where the service should be available.

You can also change the country of the connection while the VPN is on by selecting a different country from the menu.

To turn off the VPN, click on the button or slider on the main page of the VPN app. If you do not want to use a VPN on a particular page, then it is a good idea to add it to the whitelist, where you can then connect to the page automatically without using a VPN. Your app must support this option.

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