Why We Recommend Using a VPN Every Day

Why We Recommend Using a VPN Every Day

Why is a VPN a necessity? Simply because it is an easy tool to gain privacy and anonymity on the internet. A way to get out of the clutches of advertising and the constant stalking by advertising agencies that collect sensitive data about your activities and use it to monetize it through targeted ads. Not to mention the often poor or even illegal handling of your data.

Using free and unsecured Wi-Fi networks puts your data transmitted at risk, where hackers can later use it against you or sell it on the black market to the highest bidder. This is true when entering passwords or other sensitive data over an unencrypted network.

A VPN will not completely protect you from all phishing attacks, but using a VPN will make them more difficult. Phishing is a common practice of hackers these days, where they try to get malicious code into your device and steal your data through fake websites or by impersonating another person. Some VPN security providers will protect you from fake sites by blocking access before exposing you to malicious viruses.

VPNs are also a way to bypass geolocation restrictions and censorship. Because the web should be a free place, and no one should restrict the content depending on your location, especially in countries or states where they restrict access to certain sites or services.

A bonus that VPNs offer is the ability to watch content streaming services unavailable in your area. With a VPN on Netflix, for example, you can ’ watch far more shows by connecting through the country’s server for which the content is available. On the other hand, if you are not in your country and want to stream, then you connect through a local server. It is simple.

A VPN is a great add-on to antiviruses, which primarily secure your devices from malware and other threats, but no longer protect your privacy.

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