EcoEnergy Electricity Saver is a scam, and saves no money

EcoEnergy Electricity Saver is a scam, and saves no money

The EcoEnergy socket from e-energy promises savings of 30-50% on electricity bills. This is an interesting figure at today’s high prices, but all indications are that it is a scam. The seller EcoEnergy uses spam to promote itself, no contact details are on the website, and the described principle of operation of the socket contradicts the laws of physics.

Are you hesitant to buy the device? First, read Five Proofs of Why the EcoEnergy Electricity Saver Plug is a Scam.

  1. EcoEnergy Electricity Saver is a scam, and saves no money
    ▼ Table of Contents
    1. The operating principle of the EcoEnergy outlet is nonsense
    2. Promised savings
    3. Doubtful websites
    4. Who is behind EcoEnergy Electricity Saver?
    5. Who is Bernadatte Ltd?

    The operating principle of the EcoEnergy outlet is nonsense

    The principle described for achieving savings varies slightly from vendor to vendor. Most of the time, it is nonsense that the EcoEnergy Electricity Saver socket reduces the current of electrical devices. As a result, the electricity meter is supposed to turn more slowly, thus reducing the electricity bill.

    There are several similar explanations on EcoEnergy outlet sales websites, but they are always machine translations of the text:

    • “EcoEnergy, like incandescent light bulbs, saves the current energy received and transfers the active energy to an electrical appliance that is in the same circuit with the energy saver.”
    • “All of the electrical energy passing through the extension cord is converted to reactive energy, reducing the amount of active energy without sacrificing the power of the working electrical equipment.”
    • “Residents of apartments and private homes don’t pay for or use current electricity. EcoEnergy helps you make 100% use of the power grid, which reduces active energy consumption and therefore reduces electricity bills.”
    • “It reduces the current consumption of electrical equipment, which makes the meter spin less times and as a result reduces monthly electricity bills”

    From a physical point of view, this is nonsense that the seller is trying to convince consumers who do not understand the issue. The EcoEnergy socket resembles a junk product, Tesla Energy Saver, in the way they sell it, the features described, and the marketing. Inside the box for $51 were two LEDs; instead of saving electricity, the device consumed it.

  2. Promised savings

    EcoEnergy promises to reduce monthly electricity payments by 30% to 50%. But, this would mean the product must reduce consumption significantly because some items on the electricity bill are paid per month and are not directly related to the amount consumed.

  3. Doubtful websites

    They sell the EcoEnergy Electricity Saver socket on many websites. For the ones listed below, we intentionally do not provide a link so as not to improve the site’s search engine rankings:


    Product names may also vary across sites. We have encountered:

    • e-energy
    • Electrosurvey for DECEPTION
    • E-energy saving socket
    • EcoEnergy Electricity Saver

    On several points, all the websites we discovered selling the e-energy socket violate the legal requirements applicable to online shop operators. For example, nowhere on the site is the operator mentioned, there are no terms and conditions, no information on data protection, no return options, or complaints procedure. All this increases the risk of complications in case of a complaint or withdrawal from the contract and refund.

    Some elements on the page also be shoddy. In particular, there is a countdown period during which the “EcoEnergy innovative energy saver” is sold for $84 instead of $42. However, the deduction is always set until the end of the day and always resets at midnight. The site visitor may thus feel that it is the last day of the discount event.

  4. Who is behind EcoEnergy Electricity Saver?

    At the bottom of one of the sales pages, the company’s name, “Global Partners LTD”, is mentioned without context. In all likelihood, this is a fictitious name; no such company is selling the equipment.

    The sites selling the EcoEnergy Electricity Saver have one interesting detail in common. They have an identical page regarding “user privacy”. Although the user will find only superficial information on the page regarding the protection of their personal data, the identical design of the page suggests that the same author is behind all the sites.

    This also applies to another sales page, where the footer reads ‘BERNADATTE LTD, Av Ricardo J. Alfaro, Panama International’. We have checked the company in the Panamanian commercial register. Bernadatte Ltd became registered on January 16, 2007, under registration number 551674 (S), and its registration became cancelled in November 2019. The company name on the website does not necessarily mean that this company is behind the shoddy products.

  5. Who is Bernadatte Ltd?

    The EcoEnergy Electricity Saver socket is one of many products sold on sites mentioning Bernadatte Ltd. The company offers a range of dietary supplements that promise unrealistic results, make unrealistic claims, and rely on the recommendations of non-existent doctors. Government bodies in several countries have repeatedly warned against the company’s activities. We strongly recommend not buying these products. Their use may lead to the deterioration of your health condition.

❓ Do you have experience with any of the products?

Have you purchased any of the products listed on this page? Please email me at and describe your experience. This way I can complete or update the article and protect other readers from being scammed.

The article about EcoEnergy Electricity Saver was originally published in Czech by the same author. This post is a translation of it. Some details may vary in other countries.

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