How to Install and Use a VPN on a PC

How to Install and Use a VPN on a PC

This article is for those unsure about installing, launching, and using a VPN app for the first time. In this guide, you will learn how to proceed on Windows devices. The procedure may vary slightly from VPN to VPN. Most VPN providers also offer procedures for installing and using a VPN on their websites.

▼ Table of Contents
  1. Setting up a VPN on Windows
  2. Connecting to a VPN on Windows

Setting up a VPN on Windows

Go to the VPN provider’s website. Here, log in to your account or set one up. If it is a paid subscription, you will need to log into the account you used to get the subscription. For some VPNs, you can download the app without logging into your account and only log in within the app.

Click on the button to download the app, normally labeled Windows, or it says download. You will see a pop-up window with the download file.

Confirm with the save button, or save the file, depending on your browser. The application will download. Go to the downloaded files section in the file explorer or your browser. Locate the VPN installation file (the most recently downloaded is the highest) and double-click it.

The installation wizard will open; follow the installation instructions. Once installation is complete, open the application by clicking on its shortcut on the desktop or the application overview at launch. Now log into your account in the app or register if necessary.

Before you launch the app for the first time, we recommend setting up a VPN. Turn on the kill switch feature to protect against data transfer outside the VPN, and autostart automatically when you boot up and connect to the VPN, so you do not worry about anything next time (if the VPN offers it). The feature is more useful if you are using an unlimited VPN, i.e., the paid version of the VPN. You can also turn on the blocking of trackers, ads, or firewalls if it offers these features.

Connecting to a VPN on Windows

Now we will move on to how to connect to a VPN . First, choose from the menu (if enabled) the country where you want to connect to the VPN. Then click on the On/Off or connect button on the main page (some VPN services may have a connect button next to the country menu). Wait for a connection to establish with the VPN server, which a notification will notify you about. Your device is now connected to the internet via the VPN tunnel.

If you want to change the country through which you connect to the internet, select the country from the menu, and the VPN server will change. If you want to use the internet, we recommend using a local VPN server (if available).

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